Start of Something New

I’m not really new to blogging. In fact I  have a multiply site where I photo blog, post photos of events and make stories about them. I used to write about my personal family experiences (rants and raves), places we went to etc.  I even created a multiply site for my second baby, my chocolate business, JCQ.

For almost a year, I wasnt able to tell my life stories on those site anymore. Ever since I learned to use the Facebook, my Multiply is long forgotten.

Now why try another type of blogging? Just curious. I learned I could earn from here but not in an instant. But I dont mind. I just want to try it just for the sake of experience of having a blog like this. Just to see how far I could perform.

Why Kain Tulog Takbo? Well basically that’s what I do apart from being a SAHM, Stay-At-Home-Mom and a housewife.

I want to achieve in this blog everything I enjoy about my life —


my personal recipes and experiments based on cookbooks and magazines and things I learned from watching cooking reality shows,


the leisure of traveling, I will post my family’s trips around the country and (future) abroad too


learnings, tips, links and experiences with various running events and symposia that I would like to share with my friends and family to encourage them to join this fun and healthy activity

My debut Run

I started this running hobby March 2010, couple of weeks after I turned 28. My husband and I ran for the first time at Globe Run for Home, a run for the benefit of the Habitat for Humanity, held in Makati CBD.

Its almost half a year already since we started and I’m proud of what we have achieved. To date, I have ran 6 5K events with an average PR of 35minutes,  and 2 10K events with an average PR of 1 hour 15 minutes. This coming 12th of September, we will run again for 10K at the Fort Striders, looking forward to a new Personal Record.

1st 10K at The Fort

From now on, I will share here, if not all, my learning and dreams and running experiences of the upcoming running events we will be registering to.

Happy Running and Run Safe


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