Tagaytay found in Katipunan Ave.:Mushroom Burger spotted

I basically grew within the Katipunan area because during Summertime of my Highschool days and my 4 years in college were spent there. I used to attend summer classes in my sponsor school, Ateneo Highschool and attended my tertiary education in Miriam College. So I consider myself a Katipunan baby. Most, if not all, establishments there became my hub.

Change is the only constant thing there is, and the strip of Katipunan Avenue adapted to these changes. Many old establishments are gone already like some of the dormitories my classmates used to live in. High rise condominiums are fast growing one by one. Some food establishment, which used to be my friends’ tambayan were also gone and some new ones are now there to replace them.

Before, everytime we get a chance to pass by Tagaytay, I cant help myself but only look at the Mushroom Burger outlet and only wish we could get a chance to eat there…(kahit isang beses lang).

Yummy Mushroom Burgers

Good thing that wish came true, and the dream is just less than an hour drive! At the heart of Katipunan Avenue rises a Mushroom Burger outlet. Its location, beside National Bookstore  is the former Jollibee outlet, which moved 3 blocks away.

We dined in just before we attended a birthday party. Its a great experience. We ordered and tasted one of their light value meal, Regular Mushroom Burger and 1 piece Mushroom Burger steak with rice and drink (for we dont want to be full too much, surely babalik naman kami).

At least now we do not need to travel far just to taste the famous Mushroom Burger of Tagaytay. I could even run to visit it one time (another experience to look forward to. And I realize,I should put it in my goals list! *wink


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