The Stagemother Runner

Madonna and Child Running

Long before I got ‘hooked’ to running events I have been a Stage-mother (not the Bakekang type though) and Stage-wife. I’m the number one fan of the 2 major men in my life, my son Quillan and hubby Cris.

Playing pool/billiards is one of hubby’s favorite pastime and I have nothing against it for its the only vice he has, hehehe. I support him whenever he has tournaments. I document andmake sure to capture each event he has with every group tours he attends. I post and brags his Champion photos to anyone.

just one of the few Champ shots

Priceless Treasures

I had to give up my career as a bar tender when I became a mom. Aside from doing crafts and taking care of my son I enjoy joining magazine contests and  submitting themed picture for parenting magazines.

For the first time in almost 4 years of joining not only that my son was featured (and won) also my artistic craft also got the attention of 2 of the major parenting magazines.

During kids’ events like the Halloween my artistic side is always switched on.  Instead of buying ready to wear (RTW) costumes I try to be practical. I think the costume will be outgrown by my son in no time, that is why as much as possible I maximize the resources I have at home, including recyclable materials. As part of themed galleries on these magazines they ask parents/readers to send in photos of their children fit for the requirement. I only hoped for those photos I sent to be picked and least thought of  becoming a pick of the month. Mababaw as some would consider but I’m just happy that people are pleased and somehow proud of what we have accomplished, and considered the entry as creative and unique.

These issues are very special to me because these came out on my son’s birthday month (October) and won him an early birthday present.

Scarecrow Project in Smart Parenting

My Scarecrow Project on Working Mom Magazine

I will always be proud of the accomplishments of my boys however little it may be. Because the running insomniac mom will always be a stage-mother (and wife) more than anything else!


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