Mang Inasal Rice Marathon


My all time Favorite PAA


Chicken is one great source of  protein and one of the healthiest way  of cooking it is through grill.

One of the best grilled chicken that I have tasted (next to Chicken Inato of Palawan) is from Mang Inasal.

My first Mang Inasal experience was last June 2008 in Puerto Prinsesa, Palawan. It wasn’t even famous at that time. The experience was like Love at First Sight. Ever since hinahanap-hanap ko na ang sarap just like the jingle sang by Mark Bautista.

Good thing when we came back from that vacation many franchises are being built around my place and it made me really happy.

Another thing that I really enjoy about Mang Inasal aside from their mouth watering inasal chicken  is the “extra” rice, for I am one hell of a rice monster. I love eating this with the chicken oil poured on it and sprinkled with  soy sauce with chili and calamansi. (*drooling) A rice till I drop meal indeed!

My Best Personal Record (PR) when it comes to rice is 5 cups that was way before they reduced the size of their serving cups. Malaki pa cups nila noon. The record was made in Sta. Lucia Mall Branch. I have made different record in different branches we visited. Parang fun runs lang, mei listahan…hehehe

Puerto Princesa – 3 cups – June 2008

Sta. Lucia – 5 cups – February 2009

Riverbanks – 4 cups August 2009

SM MOA – 3 1/2 cup December 2009

SM Megamall-3 1/2 cups – February 2010

and the latest record of 1 1/2 cups in the newest branch in Anonas-Aurora, QC last 10-10-10. Franchise owner and a pool friend, Mark Chang invited us over to witness the Blessing and Grand opening of the said new branch. Congratulations to you dude and your partner and God bless your new business venture!


Grand Opening of Mang Inasal Anonas-Aurora QC


Dining at Mang Inasal is always fun because of the rice marathons where my hubby couldn’t beat me. But lately I haven’t produced a new record  for I consciously trimmed my rice intake since I started my running hobby.

But Mang Inasal will always be one of the best place to carbo-load for the up coming events. And nothing beats eating this with your bare hands! *wink


2 thoughts on “Mang Inasal Rice Marathon

  1. hehehe…guilty pleasure talaga..lalo yung mei chicken oil…haaayyy…but Im trimming my rice intake..bilis magpalaki ng tyan..haha..unless kailangan talaga and mei mabilis na pantunaw like a running event…heheh

    I wish I can experience that Boracay well as eating at Mang Inasal…=)

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