Awareness: The Key to Prevention

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Gone are the days when ignorance and misinformation cause incurable diseases and worse, death.  Nowadays the first hand experiences of certain individuals inflicted exposed by present technology and all forms of media helps us to be aware thus serve as a preventive measure against sickness.

Awareness is the key to prevention. Awareness equipped by proper action prevent us from acquiring diseases such as Breast Cancer (BC). October is Breast Cancer Awareness. Philippine Health and non Government organization come hand in hand to spread consciousness about this dreaded illness. As part of early campaign for the cause, various groups conduct activities where they mobilize awareness among participating individuals and organization of survivors, relatives and advocates.

Last September 26 the University of the Philippines Diliman Junior Philippine Institute of  Accountants (UP JPIA) and Sketchers Shape Up hold a Walk to Breast Cancer Awareness.

Sketchers and UP JPIA Breast Cancer Awareness Walkathon

Held at Eastwood City, the walk started at 7 o’clock in the morning. We strolled the circumference of Eastwood City Mall then the entrance of Eastwood City. While walking one of the student member invented a chant for us to shout while marching around and for the spectators in the area would pay attention, it goes like “Its not enough that I’m aware, I CARE, I WALK for BREAST CANCER!”.  , We made 2 loops because the youngsters are already complaining =P.

With these simple actions we become guarded from acquiring it and ready in case this happens to our families or friends or even to ourselves. Breast cancer is in fact treatable IF detected early. So how can we detect possibilities of having BC??? Through SELF  BREAST EXAMINATION.

Ms Malou Cortez, President of Philippine Foundation for B.R.E.A.S.T Care Inc graced the event with information on how to Self Breast examine.

The important things in self examination are the 5 P’s, Positions, Perimeter, Palpation, Pressure, Pattern. View the Video to explain it a little bit, pardon for the resolution and sound.

Here she emphasize the importance of Self breast examination as early detection and eventually prevention against Breast Cancer.

After this demonstration, we started walking around the Eastwood City Mall then to the entrance of Eastwood City making 2 loops then back to the Eastwood Central Park. Followed by an activity in the Citywalk 2 where booths of Sketchers Shape up and some fun games are instore. Over all the free event is fun filled and hopefully was able to help promote self awareness in preventing Breast Cancer to happen in us and in our family.




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