Salad of Greens and Feta Cheese

Been craving for Green salad with feta cheese so one time during one of our grocery trips, after the KOTR Run, I grabbed a pack of Mixed Green Salad, composed of Iceburg lettuce, Romaine Heart and shredded red cabbage. I also got a pack of Feta Cheese marinated in olive oil and herbs with whole olives. Thought mixing up this two will be good to go.

Salad of Greens with Feta Cheese

Hubby and I decided to have a fresh diet lunch. We also got some tofu and we thought of deep frying it for our protein. This block equates to a half  chicken, healthy and cheap.

Just toss over the Feta Cheese on the Greens, the olive oil marinade serves as the dressing for the Salad.  Serve it with Fried Tofu with the traditional vinegar with soy sauce dip. Real tummy filling with less calories.

1 Pack of the greens makes 4 servings.

You can also grab other variety of lettuces like the Lolo Rossa green and red,  add some cherry tomatoes,  julienne carrots and cucumber. Prepare the feta cheese yourself, buy fresh feta cheese, add some olive oil, some herbs and spices, then put some black or green olives.


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