Looking Back

Its been a while since my last post here. Been busy and preoccupied with things around the house, my baby business, my two babies (hubby and son)…and the list just goes on…

@ the Karunungan Run finishing my 1st 15K

To date I just finished my 17th race event of the year, and 6th 10K category at the 34th Milo Marathon Finals. All in all I created 118K and 500meters in different race events alone plus the mileage I did for trainings in a span of 10 months which started in March. ( See Race Results) Within that period also we spent P5,950 each. Always twice the price because my hubby and I always run the same race. That sums up to 11,900 pesos.

But I don’t personally regret spending those amount. I’d rather spend them buying race kits rather than buying medicines or paying hospital bills. The good health at present and in the coming days could not be bought by any amount. Plus the fulfillment of finishing a race and the excitement we feel every event is priceless.

A dream yet to come

I’m as excited as always to face my soon to be runs by 2011.  Plans of pacing some friends who wish to start running, training for my debut in the 21K, and running longer distances and collecting finishers medals are just some of the goals I have in my list for the year 2011. With the help of some friends and coaches,  and with personal discipline and perseverance, I know nothing is impossible.

Let me take this opportunity to thank all the people who became part of our races. Our twin cousins Majo and Mai for introducing us the fun running events. Also for sponsoring some of the race kits we ran. To sir Zaldy Santillan for the Karunungan Run race kits also to Gov. Joey Salceda that he represents. To PhotoVendo, Runner’s Runner, Greentennial, Coach Argo, Carlo Serrano, Doc Marvs and the students of Mr. Jo Avila for capturing some action shots of the events. (so much of a camera whore, LOL)

I congratulate all of my friends and new found friends on the road who achieved their goals this year. Cheers to more mileage and safe run in the future!

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