Happy New Year

First of all, Let me greet you a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Completed my 13 Fruits

2010 has been a colorful year for me, new experiences, new people, new emotions, new and great places traveled. I felt so blessed despite of financial crunch WE STILL SURVIVED. And I will be always be thankful to God.

On our way to Tres Picos, Mt Banahaw

@ Vigan Ilocos Norte

@ Bangui Windmills

Pagudpud Baby!!!

In 2010,  apart from our traditional Holy week’s visit to Mt Banahaw, we got a chance to travel around North Luzon with some friends. A very great experience indeed.

Aside from that we also started our healthy lifestyle, in March 2010, hubby and I decided to join fun running events, and train as religiously as possible. We gained friends and learned alot from runners, we have also influenced some friends and relatives to join too.

Globe Run 2010 -- 1st Running event

Run to Read -- 1st running event with my son Quillan

Our 17th Run TOGETHER

This year,  is a year for improvements, personal-wise…all my performance in work, work outs, and my little baby business.

Improvements on being a mother to my 4 year old son, being wife to my decade old bestfriend Cris,  a sister to my 4 sisters, a daughter to my parents and in laws, a better friend, a better artist and a better cook.

I know I have to be more specific with this “resolutions” but I think that’s what being spontaneous is all about. All I have to do is to do good with everything that confronts me.

Have a Blessed and Fruitful 2011 everyone!


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