PSE Bull Run 2011: Pacer Mode

Before the year ended, Cris and I are eyeing for this event to be our first race for the year 2011. That’s the plan.  Luckily, hubby won a race kit from Journeying James. A 450 pesos savings! (we need that because we also registered to run for the dolphins)

New Year’s night we started to run by the banks of the Marikina River. To build up some mileage and burn up the calories gained from feasts and the holiday celebrations. Week after that it’s only me who builds more. Hubby cannot find time due to work and I’m scared.

This race is supposedly a pacing job for me at the 5K. But since my friend Zhar cannot make it I registered 16K in preparation for my February race. Cris had 16K for his free kit as well and its his first time. I always remind him to run even short kilometers to stretch his muscles so that when the race comes we wont have any problem.

Race day, January 9, 2011, 4 AM. Cris’ (excited) cousin Dennis, who will do his debut 10K after his 5K at the Milo Finals,  picked us up from home. Together with their twin cousins, Mai and Majo and their Ate Jacky we went to Bonifacio Global City (BGC) for the race.

We arrived fairly early and secured our favorite spot at the parking. I saw Kumander Bungo of Takbo.Ph, who is one of Runner’s Runner’s photographers, he kindly took a photo of our group. Thanks KB!!!

Thanks KB and Runner's Runner

In a short while after this photo we heard DJ Chloe, one of the hosts of the race program calling out 16K participants to come in the race grounds to start the race. I think its a bit early. After the National Anthem and an Invocation from the PSE, the runners are all set. Instead of a gun shot start, they used the Trade Bell, which signifies the day’s start of trading on a securities exchange.

The Trade Bell photo by RR

First 2K

From start to the foot of the Kalayaan Flyover, Cris and I are pacing each other. Well that’s what he always tells me…“makiki pace lang ako seo, wala akong training” which is true, but usually end up he will leave me because I have to do my own pacing and he cant keep up with that slow pace of mine, and eventually create a very good PR for himself.

Runner's High

Kalayaan Flyover

I jogged and walked the very dark, Kalayaan Flyover at my own pace. There were no lights from the posts. I carefully run and overtook some walking participants so as not to trip on any holes or bumps and to access the lights which appeared somewhere branching of EDSA and C5. Also evaluating myself and flashbacks of the experience of my first Flyover experience at KOTR keep playing in my head. At the end of the bridge, I’m glad there’s no sign of anything bad to happen, I sprinted the 200meters down to Gil. Puyat then went back to my relax pace to reserve some energy for the next 10K.

Makati CBD

Striding my way to the 1st loop, I tried to keep up with my hubby who is a couple of hundred meters away. I looked at the other side where runners of 10K and 16K combined are on their way back. The sky is a little bit lit already. I saw some private cars and cabs honking their hearts out to penetrate the runners traffic at every intersections, good thing the marshalls are very efficient to hold them (at my perspective). 1st loop somewhere at MAPUA which I thought was an extended version of  the map they produced. Nevertheless I continued running until I reached again the other side of the Flyover which I enjoyed running the uphill and downhill this time.

KM8 – McKinley

Running my way back to BGC, my thoughts were with my hubby. “Where could he be? What time could he make knowing he never did any mileage for the week? I wish I could pace him on the last kilometers. “ Things like that. While running, somewhere near Ford I saw this familiar built  shoe lacing, the New Balance shoes are familiar, so I looked at the shorts, and I’m surprised its Cris! I predicted there’s something wrong with him for him to pace slowly that I was able to reach him. “Kamusta?” I asked him right away worriedly to see his face in pain. “Sakit ng hips at tuhod ko!”, he replied holding his hips and pointing the IT Band area.

So I told him “Pace na lang kita!”. With some rest I think the pain will subside so I told him to jog lightly so we can atleast finish 16K at 2 hours. At 1:11 I asked him to jog our way to Rizal Ave.. But we couldn’t last a minute, the pain looks like killing him so we made a final decision to walk our remaining kilometers until we reached the Lawton Ave and McKinley Hills which we hit the very first time too. We saw the Powerpuff Boys and familiar faces like Nick Geaga and Angelo on their way back somewhere in Essensa.

Hubby maybe noticed in me the will to finish with a good time so he told me to go on ahead. But I’ve decided to pace him all the way and never leave him especially with that condition. I just cant take the thought of running and fulfilling my goals knowing he’s hurt and all. I really just cant take that. So I told him…“Pacer naman talaga dapat ako for today eh, ikaw nalang pace ko.”

McKinley Hills

Come Lawton Ave. we saw Luis the Gingerbreadman and Jixee one of the PPB. Seeing the rolling hills at the entrance attracted us in running its downhills. Saw Ms. Tessa Prieto in her pink tutu over taking us (because we’re just walking). We just enjoyed the peaceful, cool, and quiet McKinley walk tour. All we did was laugh at each other and mag-kulitan like BF and GF strolling down the park and watch other runners with their performance and  discreetly “make fun” of their gears. We really enjoyed that moment of laughter that we forgot we’re on a race and his ITB is hurting.

Again, he asked me to move ahead and I refused. I thought if I have the full intention to create a new PR, I would have done it minutes ago, like not stop on him at the foot of the Flyover. But its meant to happen, for us to enjoy the company of each other and me motivate him to finish this race (though I know there’s no plan of stopping in anyway).

I kept on looking at my watch, estimating our possible finish time. Minutes away from my 1:57 PR on my first 15K at Karunungan Run, I reminded him “Konti na lang!” I invited him to jog little by little…but his ITBS wont let him. 2 hours have past and we’re on our way to our second to the last turn. I asked him to run when we hit the last curve to the Finish line. At least konti na lang ang sobra namin sa 2 hours, and its still a fairly good time, (and of course for good pictures, hehe).

To the Finish line!

He gave in to my request and from the curve of 28th street we rushed our way to the finish line, where photographers from Runner’s Runner and surprisingly from Greentennial with the Greentennial guy himself await finishers to strike their strong finish poses. I looked at the clock and saw its in sync with the time I have in my watch. At 2 hours 12 minutes we accomplished our 1st 16K for the year 2011, and hubby’s 1st longer than 10K running event!

It was a Pacer moment after all!

Special Thanks to James of journeyingjames for the free race packet,  Angelo for the last photo, Runner’s Runners, the official Photographer of the PSE Bull Run 2011, to Greentennial Run for the other in action photos at the finish line, to cousin Dennis, our service during the event Thank you and Congratulation in your 10K finish.


Singlet – light but not wicking. Hubby had stomachache due to cold and wet singlet

Hydration – pretty ample stations, which I was not able to utilize because I was carrying Pocari 500ml with me, which I think was a good idea, because I think the people manning the areas are inefficient because somewhere in the Lawton Ave are not ready with the cups, here I was able to stop to supposedly refill my bottle, but since my Pocari hasn’t consumed all, I needed to use what’s in the stations, unfortunately we need to remove the cups from packages by ourselves in order not to recycle cups used by other runners. I heard in other stations in Makati stretch, Gatorade are being scooped from the pail..tamad much? Saddened too that water are being downgraded too from sponsored bottled water to MWSS tanks with faucets. Maybe they got the idea from the recently ended QCIM. Too bad no bananas along the route, though there was in the loots and the booths.

Route– a very challenging and exciting one. Challenging  around the Kalayaan Flyover because it WAS DARK. But was it exact (16K), Garmin users? Because when I measured it with the Daily Mile it was short with more or less 500meters but I’m still not sure. I’ll get back to this when I have consulted some friends with Garmin who ran the same distance. No markers too, mostly are turning points and loops markers only. But I have to commend the marshalls manning the intersections. Even they were cursed and ridiculed by private vehicle drivers, they still manage to let the runners go.

Rating: 8/10


5 thoughts on “PSE Bull Run 2011: Pacer Mode

  1. galing.. pati sa pic sa finish line parehas nman kayo.. kung kasabay din malamng si jinx ganyan din gawin.. its nice to have a good, concern and loving partner. Both of you are Blessed. More power Jen!!!

    • Hi dennis, hehehe..ang kulit nga eh..gusto pa akong paunahin…wala narin naman ako sa goal time…saka minsan lang kami magpace..kse iniiwan nya ako..haha

      nevertheless, its true, i really cant take na mei makasabay akong mei injure and iwan ko for the sake of PR..dami pa naman race..its just the start..=)

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