Battle of the Competitive and Contented ME: Finishline In Motion ROAD X-Trail

It all started in an announcement at Takbo.Ph Forum about the Finishline In Motion Series of Events by an online friend JonJ who also posted a contest that gave a chance to win race kits to 5 winners last December 1, 2010.

As always I join opportunities like this. Who wouldn’t? Great venue, although far but its still a great experience, besides if I join the longest distance in the race I will be able to save P675.00, then I will just spend for the toll gate fee and gasoline. Seems like joining a regular running event.

our conversation in giving me the free kit!

Too bad I wasn’t able to win, BUT a very kind forum friend Allan who was one of the winners, gave his winning kit to me, for he will not be able to participate here due to conflicts of schedule with other running event.

And the excitement started. Supposedly my last run for the year. Unfortunately, due to some event organizers circumstances, it was postponed. It was pushed through Last January 15, same venue, NUVALI Sta. Rosa, Laguna at 3:35PM.

First plan is to run the 10 miler or 16 K Road. BUT an IDEA popped in my head,

“Why not run 3K and Finish at top 3?”

So I immediately called Cris and opened up the suggestion before I finalize the registration. This idea was brought about by the memory of our first 3K run at the Ateneo Blue Law Run last November 7, 2010 that if it wasn’t participated by elite runners, which we cant prevent,  we would have a great chance to be in the top, because, for the 3K women’s category for instance, the top 6 runners were from the group Front Runners and I was able to rank 8th with the time of 19:49. “Di malayong kayanin ko this time, kasi karamihan mag-16K and 8K dito sa X Trail Run”. And I’m confident that my husband could make it too because he’s far faster than I am. But if not, well its still a fun filled activity for sure. Another reason for this downgrade of distance is  I’m a little bit worried that since we just finished a 16K a week before from the Bull Run and with Cris’ condition at that time he might not have fully recovered yet. So I finally registered 3K for my free kit and also got another free kit for Cris courtesy of JonJ of six:30 running club. Jonj even got surprised by the sudden change, I just joked her “Try namin mag Podium!”

Race Day

NUVALI: a very promsing commercial-residential land

Come January 15, equipped with zero mileage for the week and only the Thera Band Training we had at home for flexibility we drove our way to Sta. Rosa, Laguna after taking a lunch. Thank God for the fair weather and wide road. We reached the 55 Km venue at 1 hour and 15 minutes. With so much time, we met up the six:30 group then had our merienda at the 7 11 outlet at Evoliving. We checked out the setting up of the stage and the event grounds. We saw the participants and we were surprised to see the Kenyans. Yes, they were there in their brown bibs. But we dont mind because we’re wearing blue ones…*wink . In fact we wished them goodluck on their way to the starting line especially our Kenyan acquaintance Peris Poywo (who came 1st at the 5 mile Trail! Congrats to her!). We also got the chance to finally meet James Betia aka JourneyingJames. Afterwards we roamed around and had our ‘before’ photos taken at the stage.

Photo with Journeying James and Friends and my hubby Cris

3K Battle

Standing in front waiting for our gunstart gave me butterflies in my stomach. With more or less 40 participants at our back really excites me. “Bang” goes our gunstart, hit Start on my watch and sprinted away. First 300 meters, Cris and I are pacing leading the pack of 3K runners. As always, due to lack of endurance training I cant sustain the speed so I slowed down. I can hear Cris say “Steady lang”. But my vision gets blurred by every stride. So I told him I will slow down and move on and continue his great pace. Little did we know we both slowed down and 3 guys caught us up. I thought he has to sustain the 3rd position in order to bag a sure medal.

Come 1 and a half kilometers, my throat is dry, unfortunately there is no hydration station for us 3K runners which led me to a sidestitch on my right. Waahhh… This slowed me down more. I looked back a teenager girl is approaching.


She loudly blurted, releasing an air from her lungs that provided a power to zoom out. Then I looked back again I saw a little girl running 3rd. That started the battle in my mind.

Battle Begins

Running with no hydration is really hard especially at that time that my skin asthma is giving signals to occur. Breathing was difficult too but I persevered with caution because I could already taste a podium finish in a few minutes. Despite the sidestitch I continued running, pressing the painful waist as if it could lessen. A conversation in my brain started while at I was running approximately 2K.

“You can do it! 2nd Place in Women’s Division! Dont stop. Dont walk! “ pushes the Competitive me

“Don’t push it hard if you can’t. Walang hydration! Blurred na paningin mo!” says the Contented me

“Nakakahiya pag naunahan ka nung bata!” immediately replied the Competitive

“Di ba bale na, podium finish ka parin khet 3rd. Mas nakakahiya kung magcolapse ka dito.” saves the Contented

And its true my vision is like a black and white screen among the greenery of NUVALI. As they always say in running “LISTEN TO YOUR BODY”. The motivation was there but the body cannot cope up with it. I stopped and caught up with my breath, jog little by little but the pain at my sides became bigger that reached almost my chest. Then I finally decided to walk. Then called and cheered for the little girl approaching me. “Go! Go! Go!” I said to her as I watched her pass me by maintaining the pace she had since the gunstart. Recovering, I continued brisk walking, and jogging and back to walking until the pain subsided. I once in a while look at the back for any chance of other women catching up, thank goodness none.

Last 500 meters I ran to the finish line still with the conversation arguing in my mind.

“Sayang, 2nd ka na sana kung di ka naglakad! Ang liit pa ng lumagpas sa iyo” teased the Competitive

“Its alright! You came here with nothing but the podium dream and you are in it!” motivated by the Contented

3rd placer in Women's

The Contented one is right, who would have thought that the joke became a reality? 3rd place is still a podium finish no matter what. Maybe the kid or even the teener really trained in preparation for this. All I wanted to this day was to see what’s in NUVALI and be able to enjoy the running event and God gave me bigger experience which I was really very thankful of.

Crossed the finishline with a happy heart and waited for the result and formal announcement. While waiting the Reebok guys approached me to try on their Zigzag line of shoes and took pictures of me, I wonder where will they post it?

The sky is dimming, and the smell of heavy rain is approaching. My skin is itchy and red, after taking my antihistamines, we just waited for the awarding to take place and we bid goodbye to the six:30 team who are still waiting for their teammates who are still on the race.

Happy and excited to see our son Quillan who we always leave at my parents safety whenever we have races. I cant wait to show him these medals, the Finisher’s medal and the 3rd Placer medal, and see how proud he is to us.


After our recovery meal, 2 Balot, 2 sticks of barbeque, and an isaw and Pancit from Jesus panciteria, I treat myself and hubby to a night spa with 1 and a half hour of full body Swedish-Thai combi massage. And fetch my son the very next day and showed him the medals. As expected his eyes and lips beamed with excitement to wear our medals. I just cant wait for the day on his turn of bringing us home medals like these.

our 'pasalubong' glad he liked it


Singlet and Timing device– No Race singlet so we used the personalized singlet to represent. The timing device used was the Champion Chip used in several international and local races.

Route– the location is far 55Km from home. Race route for 3K has no kilometer signage good thing marshalls and guards are on post to guide. A flat cemented road with lots of curves and turns.

Hydration– Zero hydration along the 3K course. But ample amounts by the finishline. Ice cold Bottled water and and 100 Plus awaits the finishers.

Event program– So-so, event started on time, host is a little trying hard on the comedy part. Though we didnt finish the whole program we envision a wet audience because of the heavy downpour and I believed most are wet because there were limited numbers of tents in the event grounds.

Lootbag– Inside a Reebok plastic bag is a choice between a Reebok cap or socks and a Total Fitness October issue magazine and the bottled water and 1oo Plus drink



Race Results and Race Analysis are available HERE

my result and race analysis


7 thoughts on “Battle of the Competitive and Contented ME: Finishline In Motion ROAD X-Trail

  1. Nice one bave! Next time bibigyan ka na talaga ng sarili mong complimentary race kit from finishline.. Hehehehe! Enjoy naman talaga tyo sa run nato. Sabi ko nga kay jonj masaya din pala tumakbo kahit konti participants.. No need to weave through the slow crowd db? hehehe! Congrats insomiac mom! Magpasa ka kay jinoe ng pics ng shot nyo sa stage. Tamang tama naka singlet ka. Para mafeature ka sa 🙂

  2. Thanks daddy Noel!!! Enjoy ako nakasama ko keo sa event! True, masaya at maganda talaga sumali khet small events lang..mas malki ang chance…heheh

    reg pic sa stage..wala nga eh…Im still waiting for the other pics ng photog sa finishline..kse wala sa nilabas nila yung awarding ng 3K’s category lang…

  3. nice… had fun reading 🙂
    send me your email add… i’ll send some photos during the awarding.
    btw, the little girl’s name is nikki joy.
    see you in more future events soon…

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