On Organizing an Event: TEAM KTT goes AQUATHLON

I am always fascinated with races which are well organized and complete with proper amenities needed by participants. Hubby and I always dream to do and form a simple running event with friends taking part of it.

When Team KTT (Kain. Tulog. Takbo) was launched last January 2011 at the PRONATION event a new set of members trained and worked hard helping and motivating each other to achieve each goals. Two our members, Cris and Dennis,  even tried entering into multisports by joining the Endure-Blackberry Aquathlon.

That’s where organizing an event came into picture. Seeing the EB-A Event we got inspired to create the same event where newbies can explore the multisporter in themselves. Where they will not get intimidated by elite and hardcore athletes. Just pure fun and sharing of talents thats the goal.


Days after the event we came up with a poster/teaser and we posted in our Facebook walls.  Little did we know many responded positively and expressed their interest in joining. We got inspired and started working on the project.

Now, days are already counting til the main event. We were overwhelmed by the support of the participants who signed up and those who pledged to support the event itself as well as sending us their donations for our chosen charity the CRIBS FOUNDATION INC.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the following sponsors of the Aquathlon Event:

San Mig Cafe, Krispy Creme, Watapak Purified Drinking water, JASP Dri Fit, the official maker of Team KTT Singlets and Aquathlon Uniform,  Adination of Runners Ortigas-Tiendesitas, Mr. Rain Ordonez of KB Photography, Printed Ideas of Just Cool Qualities, Jacobus Manpower services, My Enterprise, Taytay Wine and Liquor Center, George Town Lifestyle Club and the Office of the Mayor City of Marikina.

This event wont be possible without these generous people.


We would like to invite all of you to witness and support our friends who will be participating our very 1st Team KTT goes Aquathlon event on the 8th of May, 6AM, at the George Town Lifestyle Club, SSS Village, Marikina City.

We are also accepting pledges and donations of diapers, food, pre loved Clothes and Toys for the babies and teens of the CRIBS FOUNDATION INC. Contact us at 0922-5358224 or personally bring it to the event.


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