Team KTT goes Aquathlon Race Results

Team KTT goes Aquathlon Event was a success because it was well attended by participants from all over the metro. The Team was overwhelmed with the number of registrants signed up even if we did it online and for a short period of time.

I would also like to thank everyone who took part in the event especially the volunteer Marshal who guided the Contestants very well. Words can’t express how much we, at Team KTT, are very grateful for your time and effort coming and joining us early in the morning! Thank you so much and hope to be working with all of you again!


I proudly present to you the OFFICIAL Race results of  TEAM KTT goes AQUATHLON. You can view and Download File by Clicking HERE


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5 thoughts on “Team KTT goes Aquathlon Race Results

  1. It was a very satisfying race and outstanding in organization of race segments. That was my first Aquathlon, I feel that I found new interest in this sport. Thanks to Cris Dela Cruz and the rest of the team, hope to join another one like this, of course in the succeeding Team KTT as another one am looking forward to.

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  3. A very good event! Very organized and accommodating staff. Congratulations! More Aquathlons to come…Ganda ng finisher t shirt.

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