Basil and Strawberry

There are only 2 main ingredient in a food that can make fall for a dish. That is if the food has Basil or Strawberry on it.

The fresh aroma of the herb Basil on any pasta dish make me finish a full serving of a dish and makes my day complete and happy. I always make it a point I have a bottle of prepared pesto in the fridge for my spontaneous pasta cravings where I could just toss it on any cooked pasta and thats it!

Beef Pesto from Qizia

Im not much of a fan of Strawberry jams but I love Strawberries and desserts with strawberries in it. I enjoy eating fresh strawberries with condensed milk.

Burger King Strawberry Cheesecake

When I learned that Burger King will come up with something that delectably appetizing such as the Strawberry Cheesecake I cant help myself but fantasize the taste. For days I was craving for this cake.  I always remind my husband to drop by Burger King to buy me that new product. After 3 days of its launch last April 28 I was able to savor the delicious taste of  Burger Kings Strawberry Cheesecake. For a fast food dessert this is so amazingly tasty and I would not miss to order this again on our next visit.

These are my comfort food. Serve me these and you just made my day complete and made me happy.


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