Brooks (still a) Happy Run: Do you Believe in Miracles?

Miracles do happen, if you believe!

GOAL SETTING by Friday during the AdiNation Session

This the only recovery run I (would supposedly) made after running the 21K at Goldilocks. After that painful ITBS (Iliotibial Band Syndrome) with my right knee during my 1st 3 kilometer run at the Goldilocks I chose to Rest. Ice. Compress. Elevate (RICE) the leg for the entire week. Simple movements like walking down the stairs gives me a very hard time. During the AnR session I ran at a 6 minute pace, and surprised the pain subsides. But the spirit is not really there. And I felt the body just wants to shut down.

GOAL SETTING by Saturday 

With the idea to run fast, despite the injury, I was faced with confusion whether to push it or just run with what the body tells.

So I prayed, prayed for miracle even just for the 2 remaining Sundays I have race schedules. Then I will take a rest for by June and go back building my base.

I made a prayer shoutout

Race Day

Woke up ahead the set alarm, uttered my morning prayer and felt something positive will happen. Prepared myself for the event. Waited for our cousin Denz and Jinx and picked up Khate and met one of our running friends from Team CB Bilz along the way, we arrived in the event area early.
Denz, one of Team KTT members will run 15K so he’s the first to line up for the starting point. Quarter past an hour of 5, the gunstart hasn’t began yet.  15K runners are becoming annoyed and irritated due to heat and sunshine they anticipate to face along the route. They even starting counting from 10 to 1 pretending to start the run, maybe to make fun of the moment. For the first time I saw a huge number of participants boooing and disrespecting hosts of the ceremonies. =(
5K Race

My heart wanted to come out of my chest. I cant understand why. I felt like my heart rate has shot up. Confetti popper popped. Found myself sprinting (again) my 1st 300 meters being at the front row of the pack, something I missed doing since I ran for Hyundai Fun Run.

off to a great start

And because of lack of training pacing at 4 minute cannot be sustained all the way. So I slowed down until hubby Cris/personal pacer reached me. He was there to push me hard as always.

Coming in second for the 1st 1.5K until the 3rd placer overtook me. No worries I just want to run fast. But having the chance for the podium again is sweet so no time for relax, Sayang nandito na! Maintained a sub-6 minute pace and took advantage for the hydration stops to brisk walk and catch up breath. Meeting the 1st placer and the 2nd  placer as well as the other women runner from behind on U-turns gave more confidence to finish strong and stick to the position. But hubby wanted me to push it harder and challenge to at least go near the 2nd placer, but my body wont cooperate. The heat even adds to it,  pouring water onto my head really did help to freshen me up and just keep going! I pushed it to the limits my body can do, there were times I felt the need to stop but I just prayed to give me more strength instead and follow hubby’s command

“High knee!”,

“Bigger strides!”,

“Open your mouth!”

Konti na lang! 3rd place ka!

Stressful yes, but very helpful! Just the right words I needed.

Thank God the knee never acted at all throughout the race. Last 1K, still finding my second wind. Timed at 25:00 but all I can do is run with my knees high to propel myself. I felt that was the longest 1K I ever had. Last 2 curves I can see the Finish chute. I just blurted “Pagod na ako!” and whispered a prayer of thanks. Finished wet (and wild) and happy for once again I know I finished with flying colors on the 3rd position…..

……………Oops! But wait…I found my Bib number being listed on the 4th spot. I just cant believe it.

Stressed by what happened but I have to collect myself first before dealing with it again. Hydrated, cooled down, got my finishers kit, composed myself not to settle with what they recorded. We immediately went to the Race results booth/tent to see what my finishing time was based on the Chip time (Strider RFID) It appeared to be 28:11 but didnt reflected what position I was really, now I’m more confused. It shouldn’t be like that. Digital timing should make things easier.

We patiently waited, hold our post in the tent. Because of this we were not able to mingle with friends and go around to event grounds like we use to do in other events. Friends also got curious what am I doing at the tent as if guarding something. Yes, I was appealing to the race result committee my position, asserting what I think I deserve. No matter what it takes, they should give us  a clear explanation why “someone” got the 2nd place position in the manual list with no time and apparently finished without seeing her on the road. That even the 1st placer in women believed that I was actually in 3rd.

To cut the story short, after all the troubles at the pre-awarding, I still got the position I’ve been praying for the whole time! 5K women 3rd Placer! Its still Brooks Happy Run after all.

top 3 5K womens

Thank you once again Bie1 for pacing and pushing me really hard to finish. I couldn’t do it without you! I love you!

It was a miraculous day for me. Just in time to save me from that dark moment when I thought I lost all the drive needed to continue.

One down… one more to go…before that sought after rest…Race rest that is…



Brooks singlet,  great fit on my body, the wicking property is effective. Color not so favorable to my skin tone…=P


Got confused when I studied the map, good thing the actual 5K route was easy to run with. New experience of running the British School on the opposite way and back.

No kilometer markers though but Turning points and U-turns are very visible. Marshals in our route are present. Only thing is, when asked by the longer distance participants others have to ask another marshal…this caused some more delay

It is my first time to win a race held here.


Water, Ample amount, nicely positioned, Temperature? it doesn’t matter to me as long as there is hydration. Iced Cold Pocari Sweat at the pick up station after the finishline…Sarap!


Cute finishers medal, Unique and generic. But how come there’s no medal for top finishers? It would be a very nice add to my year’s collection…hihih


Eco bag with lots of flyers and a small spritzer of alcohol.



The late gunstart triggered most of the shortcoming to arise. I learned that it was caused by the delay in getting the hydration stations ready. But they should have informed the agitated and bored participants, I know they will understand.

Marshals stand as the eye and hand of the race organizer on the road THEY SHOULD KNOW the wheres and hows in the route. Lack of knowledge and information causes chaos.  Though its not a 1st hand experience but I cant help but sympathize to the runner and somewhat get irritated witnessing that incident.

Having RFID should make things easier. But something happened in the event that caused another delay. Hopefully next time, Strider can provide a complete detailed ranking status and not just the bib numbers plus the results.

My take to this race is like this, Charge it to experience, theres no perfect race. Its just a matter of how we handle things and learn from the past experiences.

Happy Running and see you on the road.

Thank you Brooks!


7 thoughts on “Brooks (still a) Happy Run: Do you Believe in Miracles?

  1. eto pala ang blog mo. 🙂
    Nice seeing you there Bave, and yes, I agree it’s a matter of how we handle things, it’s not about the other person handling the things for you!

    Congratulations again, and see you uli sa mga next races. Pa-train naman ako 🙂

    • waaahhh…im flattered…youre way faster than I am…mas idol kita! Thank you!

      Congrats sa atin!!! See you again soon sa races!!!
      Twas nice running with you again sa 5th sunday!

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