Affordable Race Bib Holder / Belt

Say goodbye to safety pins that rusts, spoils and damage your precious running singlet and tops!

Say hello to the trendy way to attach your race bibs on race events. Available in different colors that you can mix and match with your running apparels. Who says you cant be fashionable while on the run?


  • Colorful belts that match your running attire or your race bibs perhaps). Available in most colors (from Primary to Basic)

    Available in all colors

  •  Adjustable belt to fit all waistlines
  •  Adjustable bib holder with Reflector for early morning and night runs
  • With plastic stopper to lock the race bib in place
  •  Comes with a detachable pouch with lock for your energy gels, bars and valuables like cellphone and money

    Pouch to keep you Running essentials and valuables

For as low as P150.00 each you can avail these race belts!!!


We accept bulk orders. We also accept orders from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao (with minimal delivery charge)

To see more color availability follow us at Team KTT FB Page


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