Chicken Marathon: Max’s Chicken All You Can

My 1st quarter: Let the battle begin

Its our post Wedding Anniversary celebration and second day  of the Max’s Chicken all you can promo. We checked out SM Marikina Branch for our dinner. We missed this promo last year for we were not able to find time to visit the Max’s Restaurant.

We checked in 10 minutes before the rooster crows, which signals the start of the eat all you can challenge which will end at 10PM.

Hubby and I were both excited because the last time we had this kind of challenge was way back in 2002 when Popeye’s used to have a chicken all you can promo too where I beat him by a piece. At that time wing is separated from the breast and lollipop/ leg is separated from thigh. This time  we’re talking about quarters of chicken either the quarter part of the thigh including the leg/drumstick or quarter of breasts including the wing.

this helped me continue

With only a cup of rice to share,  a glass of refillable carbonated drink we started the quest. Alternately we had thighs then breasts. But favor more the thigh part. 1 down each… then on our 2nd…and the 3rd…We suddenly lost the momentum for the server suddenly got lost and missed our spot. It took almost more than 10 minutes before we were given our 4th quarter.  We made fun of ourselves instead while waiting for waiter, we can’t believe we were able to eat a whole chicken each for half an hour. Because of this, I almost faced my “wall”. But before that happened, I ordered their in-house atchara. It helped alot especially while on rest to face the next quarters. I refrain from drinking so I can consume more chicken (talking about breaking records, huh). But because of the slow service I almost finished 2 and a half glasses of the soda drink. One hour passed from our 1st chicken, hubby and I were tied to 5 quarters each. We’re already struggling but in order to have a good run for our hard earned money we have to exceed to its worth. With the help of the atchara and loads of hot sauce lathered all over I managed to finish 7 quarters! One more quarter I would have consumed 2 whole chicken in  sub-2 hours. I once again beat B1 by a quarter.  I pushed him to have one more but it will only make him throw up everything. So he accepted the defeat. (hehehe)

  1. 00:9:18
  2. 00:7:18
  3. 00:14:36
  4. 0028:21
  5. 00:14:23
  6. 00:12:00
  7. 00:20:02
My Personal Record for this challenge is 01:44:01. Something to beat next year.  The experience is fun especially when you put extra challenge with friends or relatives.

serious? career?

convincing thyself...kaya pa!

Winner! Knockout 7 quarters of Chicken


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