My Marathon Dilema

“Pressure is nothing more than the shadow of great opportunity.”
Michael Johnson

Its 9 months past 2011. And 21 months since my 1st time to hit the the roads of Makati CBD during my 1st 5K in 2010. Since then I started to fall in love with the activity that raised my heart rate, soaked my clothes with sweat, colored my used to be fair skin tan and hurt my legs with unimaginable pain. All these I endured and enjoyed because I have a goal, to run a Marathon.

I believe its the runner’s climax–the most awaited moment in a runner’s story. That is why most people say CHOOSE your Marathon. Make it a memorable one! But how do you make it memorable?


I often tell friends, whenever I am asked “Bakit di ka pa nag-maMarathon?”, Im not in a hurry! With lots of Marathon schedules before the year ends and early next year, I admit I am confused.


One thought on “My Marathon Dilema

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