Runners World Philippines October – December

Behind the Scene

Thank you so much Runners World Philippines, Ms Marie Calica and Ms Kimberly Tsao for this opportunity. Through this we hope to encourage more families to run together and join their kids to this activity we all love.

Check out also the issue about some helpful tips how to encourage your kids to start running. Some running techniques for newbies. Running gears as gifts for the coming Holidays! Grab your copies now at your nearest Bookstore!

Behind Story

Some time in August, the Runner’s World Philippine Facebook Fan Page ask its readers to send a photo of their family that run, and chosen families will have a chance to be featured in the upcoming issue of the Runners World Philippines Magazine. I sent our family picture and weeks later got an email that we are one of the families chosen to have a pictorial.

To cut the story short, we went to the pictorial, in casual but we were advised to bring sports/running attire. Its supposedly a family of three, Hubby, Quillan and Me, but because of some forgetfulness on my part, I left my own shoes. So we have no choice but to choose between Cris and me who to appear for the pictorial. He’s a bit shy so I did the pictorial with Quillan and he just took some shots behind the photographer. I wore his running shoes for the entire shoot. And besides Im the one whose always with Quillan at the events and Im the one who always “brags” about running with your kids more than my hubby. The experience was fun. I thought they will publish what they asked to submit just like the other Summit Media Magazines. It was a surprise that they called for a pictorial.

Thanks to the photographer sir Dakila Angeles, thanks for the patience with Quillan, hehehe. Thanks to the make up artists Mitch Ayroso, AJ Baguio and Zeibril Lagaras ( I dont know who painted my face but shes the pretty lady…hihihih…forgot to ask, you know Dory Syndrome) and it was nice meeting Pure Rosero.

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