A Big Check on my bucketlist: RUN IN BORACAY

This post may come in late but I think running has no season, so i’d still post it anyway, hehehe.

Sometime in July 2011, we had a double date getaway with my cousin-in-law Dennis and his wife Jinky. We went to Boracay for a post summer vacation, away from the usual things like work and kids. Just us 4. (feeling single eh!)

We checked in the La Carmela de Boracay Resort for 3 days and 2 nights. Since hubby is under a training program at that time for the Milo Marathon come the end month he needs to have some mileage while on vacay. So early in the morning of our second day we woke up and hit the sands of Boracay.

The boys covered the whole 10K end-to-end stretch of the island. I did 6K on barefoot (well we all did): from La Carmela, to AsYa which is the extreme resort on the East side took a loop then passed again La Carmela until the Grotto then back to 1st point. Didn’t go to the other end of the island like the boys because I accidentally stepped on a very hard coral (thank God its smooth) that hurt my heel.

1st loop

smile though your foot is aching

The experience was extremely fun as far as I remembered, at least I did. As for the 3 of them, well they suffered blisters and sore calves which they whined over on our way back to Manila. Thanks to my thick skinned sole!

It was my 1st taste of barefoot running by the way and I really enjoyed it except for the pain because of the hard coral but other than that I can say barefoot running is for me. The fine sands of Boracay were like salt that scrubs all the calluses under my sole, instant foot spa! The cool sea breeze of the morning just makes you run for more even without hydration.

I highly recommend not to miss running, even walking on this place even if you have a hang-over the night before. One of the activities you should have in you list aside from the snorkeling and helmet diving and stuff while on the island!


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