Dream the Run, Run the Dream: Marathon Diary In The Beginning

A day after my Dilemma, The Bull Runner, Ms Jaymie Pizarro, opened the most anticipated reservation for the The Bull Runner Dream Marathon Reservation every runner in the community been waiting for. Dilemma because I was faced the crossroads of different Marathon Schedules and excitement just crept right away. God just has His ways to clear your mind. That marks the first day of the journey of Dream the Run, Run the Dream.

September 23- Ms Jaymie teased us with a Post. A sign that the Big Announcement is coming any time of the day or week. Many are anticipating for this, including myself.

September 26 – for some reason I woke up very early. Around 8 am I saw a FB friend repost the blog announcement: RESERVE NOW: TBR DREAM MARATHON 2012. I immediately clicked it, forgot how confused I was the other day. Its like this is the Marathon schedule for me. Im destined to run this. After I signed up the online registration form, I kept it to myself and observed the other marathon wannabes. I even reposted the link but not giving any clue if I signed or not. Some friends even tagged me on their posts to sign up but all I did was to encourage them to sign up and go for it and wished them all the good luck so they can be chosen (with the booming numbers of runners these days 500 slot is such a small number, you know).

diz is it!

September 27 – The Big announcement. For less than a half day all the slots (take note 500 slots) were filled up. And Im one of the lucky (maybe because Im one of the early birds) registrants to make it in the 1st wave of participants in 2012 The Bull Runner Dream Marathon.

I made it

October 7 – 3 Days before deadline I paid for my registration fee and sent a copy of this thru email. To seal the deal, I must say. Opted for Scheme #1 DEPOSIT & DELIVER so I had to pay extra for the delivery charge. But its okay coz it will save me time and money, way much better.

seal the deal


October 17 – It finally came! The TBR DM kit arrive! A brown envelop inside a Xend package sealed with a sticker with a pink bull.


  • XXS sized Midnight blue shirt
  • Welcome letter from Ms Jaymie and Jim
  • Calendar of Activities and Training Program
  • Car Sticker
  •  Bull Runner magazine with Rovilson on the Cover
  • TBR DM Card (to be stamped during sessions)
  • some flyers

    gain weight or trim the shirt

Cant help myself brag it on my FB wall…to share the happiness with my running friends. So glad to hear good words of support from them. This day also marks the 1st day of the 22 week program. But I prepared a personal training program which I will share soon.

As for the shirt is concerned, I had it altered with my co-marathoner Jinky’s mom so that its not so loose.

October 22 – Bull Session

with running friends aka Batchmates

6 o’clock in the morning TBR Dreamers, thats how we are called, gathered around in front of Krispy Kreme at Bonifacio High Street. Saw some friends from the UP ANR and basically from the running community. So happy to have a gathering like this not a race day at that.

After Lit Onrubia’s lecture on Chi Running and Galloway we hit the pavements of BGC and finished almost 6K run and walk for more than 45 minutes. My son even join the batch on that morning routine. Ahh I can only imagine him doing his 1st Marathon, I hope I can inspire him through this milestone.

my little Marathoner


  • walking on marathons is OKAY. Even if you walk the entire 42.195K at The Bull Run Marathon you can still finish it at cut off time.
  • the goal for this Run-walk exercise is to make sure marathoners finish the race injury free and happy
  • this event is no racing, you only race with yourself and EVERY FINISHER IS A WINNER

After the whole activity and talks we bid farewell to everyone looking forward to the next sessions together. Took a chance to have my 1st photo opt with the Bull Runner herself. Happiness!

October 26 – Bull Circle

ROX 3rd Floor 7pm. Introduction to The Bull Runner Dream Marathon

front seaters attentively listening

Marathon mentors/ speakers narrated their personal Marathon experiences including the “Bull-y” Runner herself.

Welcoming the Marathoner-to-bes

Learnings from Ms. Jaymie’s Marathon experience:

  1. Believe you can do it
  2. Commit to the program
  3. Challenge yourself
  4. Aim for Success

Mr. Neville Manaois came in next discussing the history of Marathon and shared different Marathon quotes in history past and present.

the History teacher discusses the HISTORY OF MARATHON

Ton Gatmaitan and Bic Ferreira both who never enjoyed running at first also shared their Marathon journey and how they love the sport.

Ms Bic Ferreira shares her 1st run, marathon and multisport journey

Ton Gatmaitan: Never liked running and claimed to be BULL-ied

Learnings From Sir Ton can be summarized with the acronym FINISH

F-riends/Find a running mate
I-ntervals/Galloway/Chi Running
N-o Quitting/ No Negative/ Never say NEVER
I-nquisitive/ Dont be afraid to ask/seek help about anything and everything
S-tick to the Program/ Sacrifice
H-ave Fun

After wards the power couple Armand and Mitch Mendoza introduced the TBR Weight Management Program. And tackled about the importance of Nutrition and Weight Manangement while training for the upcoming Marathon. Too bad I wasnt able to sign up for the Program. Well I will just do my assignment, research research.

Weight Management Tandem

November 122nd Bull Session 

Unfortunately, Im Absent. =(

Both 2nd sessions and circle absent =(

November 162nd Bull Circle

Absent Again

Motivations and beyond

I will have a personal 16 week Marathon Program which will officially start on NOVEMBER 28. While waiting for that day I’m building my base by doing my regular runs and workouts during Tuesdays at Marikina Sports Park with running buddies and family. I’m looking forward to be able to keep up with the set Program so when the Big Day comes Im all set.

getting ready

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