Running Game called QWOP

I remembered Coach Jim Saret’s reminder during the TBR Dream Marathon Circle 3 to remember the essential parts of the legs used in running — Thigh, calves and ankle. He reminded us that we, runners need to strengthen and stabilize these parts to avoid injuries during running.

Found a new game application courtesy of some running friends, Earl, Argo and Allan, thats really exciting and fun; The QWOP. Its an online game for free featuring a runner, whom you will guide to run using the letters Q, W, O, and P. By pressing Q and W you move or control the THIGH part (right and left respectively) and press O and P for the calves and feet.

Find it very challenging especially the combination on how to move the man in such a way it in the proper running form. The goal is to be able to finish the 100 meter dash with some hurdle obstacle and be able to reach an extra (bonus) meter at the long jump.

At my first minutes and attempts I was able to reach 30 meters being the farthest.

Curious about whats in store I continued my strategy of running like a limp (no pun intended) moving on a half squat position. I reached half of the goal.

But because I’m challenged whats in store at the end, and I thought its like longest distance game I never stopped, until I reached the end. After several tries running the proper way, I still continued the moving forward while doing half squats, dragging the right leg. (LOL) and I finished. I wasn’t able to jump really long but tried as much as possible extend the left leg of the athlete.

Try this new game, but first finish your homework, office works and things to dos, for this is very time consuming and addictive.

Check this out on this LINK

Hope you enjoy the game as much as my son and I enjoyed it! I’m still challenged to finish it the RIGHT WAY you know! =)

I think its good for kids too, to teach them Patience and Coordination.

Happy Playing!

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