What’s on a Marathoner’s Mind

Saw a post in Facebook where it shows what’s in a runner’s mind during a Marathon. I just wonder how a woman thinks about or if she thinks the same.

Would I think the same thing? That’s something to find out. Enjoy watching!

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2 thoughts on “What’s on a Marathoner’s Mind

  1. Well, there would be a point where i’m also checking out fellow runners just to distract myself.
    Second wind!!! -> yeah this happens too. Random songs come into mind and I try to sing along when I get bored but never tried Rob Thomas’ Smooth. Hehe.
    And then on the last stretch you think “why am I doing this again?” followed by some cursing, then you start praying, then you motivate yourself “Push! Push! Push!”.
    A few more kilometers, “You can do this! Almost there!”
    On the last kilometer, “#$%^& Ang layo naman ng 1 kilometer?!”

    When I did my first marathon in TBRDM, I found myself alone at KM 34. A few runners here and there but they were too far away to talk to. Occasionally, a car or a truckload of workers would pass by and throw some cheers but most of the time I was left on my own. I followed one of Mitch Felipe’s advise on offering each kilometer to a loved one. And so I did until I found some dream chaser to chat with.

    • Thanks so much for sharing! I know I felt the same sa ibang 21Ks ko…so i think I have to double it lang… I wanna feel and experience that on my 1st…the agony and joy combined. Kaya I withdrew my 1st plan to have a personal pacers…sa next marathon nlng siguro…I just want to feel what its like to do it by myself…besides anjan naman kayo sa finishline afterwards!

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