Shoe Review: Break-In DIADORA Mythos Samurai III Women

“Diadora is an Italian sports brand with a history of designing and manufacturing technical apparel and footwear in the sports of football, tennis, athletics, cycling and motor sport, since its birth in 1948.”

Now Diadora has widen its array by introducing shoe technologies for running. I am so blessed to be able to review one of the top of the line shoe models of DIADORA — DIADORA Mythos Samurai III for Women. Before I tell you my personal experience with the shoe, first let me give you a brief description on the shoe’s technology.

DIADORA integrated the Axeler Technology™ into all running technology. Hardwork and extensive research was put into it to find the best solutions that would give runners around the world the greatest performance and comfort. Introducing the Diadora Axeler WI 5™ (uai faive) — a combination of Axeler String™ and Axeler Propulsion™. This system guarantees the maximum shock absorption, limiting the midsole torsion while enhancing elasticity. This system is based on the recovery of energy during the foot’s  natural transition from heel strike to toe off where it will draw absorbed energy at the point of the heel impact by acting as a propulsive force.


DIADORA Mythos Samurai III

  • Upper: Nylon air mesh and Supreltech. Lining with special anti-bacteria treatment.
  • Insole: Removable anatomical cotton jersey and shock-absorbing Elastom E.V.A. foam.
  • Midsole: Moulded Elastom E.V.A. foam. Double Action² in the heel area. C.C.B.. Axeler Wi-5 Propulsion. Power Flow.
  • Sole: Blown Flexoft Rubber in the front area. Special Duratech 5000 wearproof compound in the heel area.
  • Color: C3570- White/Grey/Bright Rose (Women’s)
    C4101 – Blue micro/Red orange (Men’s)
  • Sizes:5 ½ – 9 (Women’s)
    5 ½ -13 (Men’s)

Box - to - Road Testing

The Looks

As I was telling in the title of this post, I tried to run on this shoe a day after it was given to me by Royal Sporting House. I’m so thrilled by the looks of it. Physically its so chic, feminine because of the color and best of all VERY LIGHT, knowing it has Stability feature in it. My feet requires stability support and for the past (almost) 2 years Stability shoes from other brands never failed me. My only concern is that shoes with this special features are quite on the heavy side because of the technology they put into the shoes. That is why I am surprised and at the same time curious if Diadora Mythos Samurai is really a Stability pair. Based on the specifications of the shoes it is a shoe with Stability features located in the fore and rear foot, together with an  exceptional support of the foot arch, plus  Cushioning. I am scheduled for a long run last weekend (January 21) and I felt so good to hit the road for a training, with a new pair of shoes.

Nylon mesh for total breathability

The Feel

For this run I paired it with a Five Finger socks from Burlington. I decided not to use thick socks because it will only eat up the allowance for my feet. I’m wearing size 9 (USA) by the way and its the biggest size for women’s, if I wanted more space, I would be upgraded to Men’s size 8.5. It feels good to have room especially for the toes and to prevent dead ones after the run. The neck is not so tight when it is laced up, but it’s still something to find out if its blister free if I use ankle length socks (will have another review for this). The feet is well ventilated despite the hot pavements because of the nylon mesh and the “built-in drainage” underneath which makes the air circulate inside the shoes.

wet feet no more! great wicking mechanism to help air circulate

The Ride

I am so amazed by how light this shoes is. This just makes you wanna sprint (but I don’t want to do that in a long run). I just thought its gonna be an easy breezy long run. After running almost 30 minutes my legs and feet still felt good. I didn’t have to drag my legs despite the uphills. Took some walk breaks and my legs didn’t feel tired yet. Jogged and walked until we reach the destination 10 kilometers from the starting point. I felt my right ITB acting up but I think its because of the zero mileage for the entire week, my bad.

climbing the uphills of Antipolo City with friends-- somewhere near Padis point

What goes up must go down so we run and walked our way back to where we started. The cushioning was tested here and I’m really impressed because I cant feel the impact I create when I run the downhills. Just imagine how hard the pounding the feet make when running down the pavements. I can’t barely feel the ground as if I was wearing a thick pair of socks. I do this with my other stability shoes especially on longer distances races because I have this tendency to do heel striking especially when Im tired and dragging myself to the finishline. However, about 3 kilometers to our final destination I felt a burning sensation on my right pinky toe. I felt my feet expanded and ate the allowance of the shoe. Maybe its because of the shoe being  narrow versus my feet being bony.

Overall REVIEW

Based from running 20 kilometers below is my personal rating about the Diadora Mythos Samurai III

One of the things I look for a shoe is the Safety feature such as Reflectors for night runs


  • Light weight
  • Great ventilation
  • Very nice color combination
  • Reflectorized for night running
  • Effective cushioning
  • Reasonable price


  • Narrow (subjective)

I would have to continue test running this pair for my future trainings (ex. speed). This post is based on my my box-to-road experience with the shoes. I highly recommend this to runners and newbies who prefer light weight shoes for trainings and racing for an average fast pace. This is a very good weapon to add to your collections.

Rating: 8/10

DIADORA shoes and apparels are available in all Royal Sporting HouseBranches (Festival Mall , Alabang Town Center, Alimall, Glorietta 4, Marquee Mall, Isetan

This is the Men's version, still looks good...

Recto, Pampanga, Lipa and Cebu) and The Shoe Shop in Power Plant Mall in Rockwell.

Do checkout Royal Sporting House Warehouse SALE upto 70% OFF on selected RSH products every Monday- Fridays 9AM- 6PM at 888 EDSA Bo. Highway Hills, Mandaluyong City.

For Product Promos and Updates follow DIADORA PH Running Team Facebook Page

Thank you Royal Sporting House and Diadora!


4 thoughts on “Shoe Review: Break-In DIADORA Mythos Samurai III Women

  1. I saw this shoe sa mall yesterday. i was looking for affordable ( read: cheap) trail shoes. specifically with a drainage system because i normally run trails that require crossing streams often. it was this feature that drew my attention to these shoes. i actually tried them on and the first thing i noticed is that bump in the forefoot (seems like it had a thicker sole in that area compared to the shoes i am wearing that time). that was the reason i didnt go for it. i wanted something that feels a lil bit similar to my road running shoes ( Nike Lunarswift 2).

    I remembered these shoe while running downhill at breakneck speed this morning. The path was very rocky and i can only pray my Lunarswifts dont break down. Then i remembered those thick forefoot pads of the mythos…and how fitting they will be for running and braking on those rocky trails.

    What’s your opinion on using these shoes for trail running? Is it sturdy enough? Pls be kind to drop me a line at my webpage ( )… and i will post a video of our trail run this morning ( more of a powerhike really) YOu can see the rocky trail i am referring to. Please let me know what you think. i will appreciate it.

    Jun Maldito

    • hi sir! Thanks for dropping by. and for the inputs. I may have not tried this on trails but I believe it could work. Unfortunately the soles may wear out easily for theyre not designed to outrun the rocky trails and water bodies. The cushioning technology that you are talking about was one of the best feature the Diadora Samurai III has ever have. This favors those who are extremely forefooted and heelstrikers.

  2. Goodmorning.
    Kahapon nakita ko lang tong running shoes na ito sa isang mall, nakatawag pansin sakin yung style nya eh mukha kasing magaan at comfortable isuot. Worth 30% off yung price nya,
    so naghinala ako na baka hindi sya ganoong kaganda for running (impression ko lang yun pag madalas sale ang isang bagay haha). hindi rin kasi sya pinapansin nang mga tao sa malls e.
    So maganda pala to for running? balak ko kasi magsimulang magjogging this july para paghahanda sa isang event e, newbie lang kasi ako sa ganitong mga event, 20k run, So ano pong masasabi nyo kung icocompare sya sa adidas adizero at lunarglide, o sa kswiss kona, makakapantay ba sya sa mga brands na to, madalas kasi biased ako sa brand e, never pa kasi akong nagkashoes ng Diadora, thanks in advance for your reply :))

    Anyway, yung unang nagcomment po na si jun maldito, parang pinopromte nya yung blogs nya or something na nilagay nya sa link nya (para macheck nang ibang tao gamit ang blogs nang iba), madami kasi akong nabasa na reviews para sa ibat ibang running shoes. Copy paste lang lahat ng comments nya,pare-parehas lang,(with the same link).

    • Good day Luther,

      Thanks for dropping by. Yes madalas mag offer ng sale ang Royal Sporting House, and Diadora brand is under its umbrella. That is part of their marketing strategies.

      As for the quality, I can say na nakakasabay ang Diadora shoes especially the Samurai III, with the other brands though in terms of technology mas specific ang ibang brands like Adidas and Nike. Example they have specific models for feet that need Stability support, for Neutral and Cushioning etc.

      Based on my 5 months experiences with Diadora specifically the Samurai III, its really great for sprinting dahil magaan sya talaga. I can run and last 10K at most without hurting my legs nor feet. I even survived my muddiest 10K trail run with it without me slipping.

      But then again that is subjective. My feet need Stability support because I have pronations. That is why I only use the pairs on shorter distances and speed workouts.

      I hope I got to answer your inquiries. I recommend you the Samurai III shoes, great cushioning features with stability support courtesy of the Axeler String™ and Axeler Propulsion™ technology.

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