Bataan Death March 160

kilometer marker trophy

Looking back at history Bataan Death March was the forcible transfer, by the Imperial Japanese Army, of 76,000 American and Filipino prisoners of war after the three-month Battle of Bataan in the Philippines during World War II, which resulted in the deaths of thousands of prisoners. (Wikipedia)

What made it special for me? I don’t even remember this lesson in class. In fact it’s only in 2011 of the same period only did I learn (or recalled) the real story and the historical mark of that part of history and see the actual site when I was personally asked to be a crew of one of the participants in the BDM 160 Race — the 1st and the longest ultramarathon race here in the country.

A 6-month old friend at that time, Rodel aka The Argonaut, asked me to be part of his support crew team. I excitedly accepted because it will be my 1st to have a glimpse of what an ULTRAMARATHON was. To sum it up, it has been a fun filled, tiring yet fulfilling duty to be able to survive and celebrate ones victory. More than 27 hours and 160 kilometers is a life threatening event. No Joke indeed. Anything can happen and this runner laid over our hands his life as if we are part of his (immediate) family. (and take note we only know each other for 6 months) THAT’s THE SPECIAL THING ABOUT IT. I feel special because not everyone can trust you like that.

pacing Argo 40K away from the finishline

I have supported several friends (aside from my husband of course!) in Ultramarathon events that came after. Its a tiring and boring task, Yes, if you ask me, but when you see the perseverance and the will of the runner you are supporting, and seeing him/her cross that finishline arc, its a relief! Its as if you also crossed that finish line. As I always tell them, its like a STAGEMOTHER feeling, Proud as ever. I feel so blessed I never experienced (yet, and hopefully never) supporting runners who chose to DNF (did not finish).

By God’s will and guidance I will have to be crewing again for Team CB runners who will run this prestigious running event. I pray that we, together with the rest of the Team, survive 100% and be able to finish before cut off.

To Argo, this may come very late, my blog composition about that day has never finished (lagi kasi akong naiiyak pag gagwin ko na and Im losing words,hahaha), but  I want you to know that, that time in January 2010 was one of the special days in my running history and on top the charts. I wanna thank You for the trust, for the kindness and for the friendship. That victory was sweet and that’s for keeps!

Victory is sweet

To Jimmy, who will be my runner this year, I pray that we survive it together safely. I believe you can do it. You are strong and determined. What ever happens we will be here 160 kilometers all the way! No pressure but lets finish it, NO DNF! hahahah

the next BDM 160 hero

And to all my running friends who will do the quest for the 1st time and for the nth time, God bless you all. See you at the Finishline!!!

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6 thoughts on “Bataan Death March 160

  1. That’s a great story… I like the way that the Bataan Death March markers have been used to mark a great feat! Bravo. I have been to Bataan several times to learn more about my grandather who died off the shores of Olongapo Bay (Dec 15, 1944). If you care, please drop by on my FB page in his honor. There’s plenty of material about his time in the Philippines

  2. hello Bave, likewise on my end, I’m very thankful for having you guys as my support group. i’m just so lucky and fortunate meeting good friends kike you… too bad im not running this time, maybe next time.
    Goodluck and all the best!

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