Dream the Run, Run the Dream: FAT ASS 2012

Ooohhh…Where do I begin? So much backlog…my bad…lots of things to do…lots of things had happened, exciting ones of course, came my way. Year 2012 just opened its doors wide open for me and I feel blessed already. Thank you dear God for everything and in advance!

Lemme start with my soon-to-be-Marathon training. Well, for this one I can say its a fair game for me. With the holiday that passed, I unfortunately slacked a little bit, okay, BIGTIME, and I must admit I wasn’t able to meet whatever there is in my personal program during that training week. Normal thing to do is to make up. Good thing we registered for FAT ASS.

FAT ASS 2012

My future Fat Ass King

Fat Ass, on its 3nd Edition this year, is an event organized by Atty Jon Lacanlale and Sir Don which they derived from this SITE. It is a FREE, Time-based event for pre-registered runners held in Clark Parade Grounds, in Pampanga. Meaning, you are to maximize the time you chose by running how much distance you prefer, the faster you go and the less breaks you have the longer the distance you cover . The running route is composed of a loop with a total of 2.2 kilometers pavement walk shaded by accasia trees. For this year, there were 4 event categories by which runners can choose to register from. The 6 hours, 12 hours, 24 hours and the newest of these is the 36 hours which will cater and prioritize those who are training for the upcoming BDM UltraMarathon. Participants are to run/walk/rest how much they want for their chosen number of hours.

no one is too you to support fellow runners

For my case I did a relax (so relax) training run. All Im after from this event is to be able to run at my own pace and strategy, especially when I saw some hard-core long distance runners. Being with friends was one of the special part of this event. I even brought my son to witness this event (i dont know if he understood it, but never mind) so there was no way I could “career” running the entire 6 hours I registered for. I end up doing 11 loops of talking while running and walking with friends and running acquaintances. Some loops with my son. I did my last 2 loops on barefoot. This kind of event is boring I tell you that is why you have to be strategic with your plans to finish it really good and if you want to excel and be called the FAT ASS KING or QUEEN. Imagine running 6 hours with the same route over and over…How much more the 36 hour runners!?! Which by the way changes their running direction in every 6th hour. Whew! I started 6 in the morning and ended at 12 nn. Wasn’t able to sleep or even nap after my cutoff because of the excitement and thrill to see crazy runners doing their thing. Instead I helped managing the support station of our Team (Team CB) for all the runners. It was a great event! I hope to be able to join and level up next year.

Race Details

Date: January 7 – 8, 2012
12 am (Jan 7) for 36 hours until 12nn of (Jan 8)
CDC (Clark Development Corporation) Parade Grounds
Free Race for Pre-Registered Runners


It is a NO FEES, NO AWARDS, NO AID, NO WIMPS event. Thus, NO WHINING, NO PRESSURE, NO HASSLE running activity. Nuff, said. But because the running community is one big happy family No man is an Island, so to speak. It is an event worth celebrating! And by the way, the finisher’s shirt is sooo cute and comfy.

Im just too proud to belong to the group where the New Hailed FAT ASS KING for 36 HOURS came from! Congrats Randy Rubio!

Compliments to Ms Yas Dizon for the great shot at the event.

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