Back to Basic: Running for a Cause; Condura Skyway Marathon for the Mangroves, Run for the Orphans, PDA: Pilipinas Darating Ako

To start my year right, I look forward to running events where we started joining. These are the classic and most sought after running events–Running for a Cause. Its always fun to participate in these events because you know what and where your strides are leading you to; helping others.

Thank you Ms Jaymie

with the Bull Runner

with Shiela, with the shawl, at the finishline

with some of my running idols, L-R RunDMD, Ronnel Go, Wilnar Iglesia, JunRox Roque

As my 1st official Run of the year I was privileged to be able to get a free race kit courtesy of The Bull Runner, Jaymie Pizarro for one of the most anticipated Marathon event in the country, The Condura Skyway Marathon 2012: Run for the Mangroves. I got a 16K race kit and ran 8K of the Skyway and back pacing with my husband Cris. The best part is that I only not run to help fund the Mangrove Reforestation and Preservation Projects of Condura also I ran it in dedication of my 2 good running friends, Rona and Shiela, who were supposed to run their Marathon at the said event, but because of some freaky accident (thank God, they’re both safe now!) they were not able to do it. It was a fun filled rolling uphills and downhills courtesy of the Skyway. I tried my best to snatch a podium finish but there were a lot of ladies who were incredibly stronger who conquered the route but despite this I think it was a good Personal Record for a 16K.

Diadora Philippines Running Team L-R Running Free Manila, Ms Lia, Running Atom

photo by Ryan Moral, at the the 3rd to the last curve of the route

A week after, February 12, I ran 5K for Run for the Orphans, this is a benefit run to fund the Scholarship Program of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, Armed Forces of the Philippines’ Educational Benefit System (AFPEBS), for the orphan students of the  soldiers of war. Thank you RUNdezvous and Diadora for the Kit.

This event is a very good kick for the year because this time I was able to (luckily) make it to podium finish. It was a crazy joke with a friend, Wesley, to see the high (really high) stage/podium at the starting line and I thought the winners are so lucky to go up there. With the training I had for the previous week, I never thought that I would be one of those who will come up the stage. It was an intimate race, with a relatively hard route. I never expected there will be hills in a camp. Maybe that’s why the soldiers are really tough and to watch for in the running scene, because their playground is a great venue for training. I feel blessed and proud to have represented all my running groups especially Diadora Running Team in this event. Thanks to the Diadora Axeler WI 5™ (uai faive) — a combination of Axeler String™ and Axeler Propulsion™, technology that helped me with the downhill, I didn’t feel much of the impact doing heel strikes. For sure this pair will be my buddy in short distances. We still have a love hate relationship during long runs starting with 10K. hehehe!

a very high podium indeed...=)

After the event, we ran our way back home, amounting an extra 8K hitting the Marikina River Banks until the Marikina Bridge and had our breakfast with my teammates from the Hunyango Runners, who also participated in the Run for the orphans.

ath the Marikina Riverbanks

Come this Sunday, February 19, another running event for a cause is scheduled. The PDA: Pilipinas Darating Ako. A benefit run by the Philippine Dental Association in celebration of their 8th National Dental Month with a theme “Ngiting Matamis, Ngiping Malilinis, Dala ay Pag-asa Tunay na Ligaya”. Aside from the celebration of the 8th NDHM, the run is also a fund raiser for the following projects: BINHI (Tree Planting) Program and VIP (Very Important Patient) Program.

Race Details

Race: Pilipinas Darating Ako
Date: February 19, 2012
Assembly Time: 4:30am at Cuneta Astrodome
Reg Fee: P400 (3K/5K/10K)
Registration Sites: PDA chapter building (Ayala Avenue Extension cor. Kamagong Street, Makati City beside Makati Central Police), onsite registration


10K Route

10K: 5:30 Gun Start
Start: Cuneta Astrodome, Roxas Blvd.
1. Run straight towards EDSA Ext for 250m
2. U Turn run back towards Luneta direction
3. Pass the starting line/arc on the designated passing lane
4. Go up Buendia Fly-over
5. Pass CCP
6. Pass Quirino Avenue
7. Pass Rajah Sulayman
8. Pass UN Avenue
9. Pass US Embassy
10. Pass T.M. Kalaw
11. U-Turn at Katigbak Drive
12. Run back towards Cuneta Astrodome

5K Route

5K: 5:35 Gun Start
Start: Cuneta Astrodome, Roxas Blvd.
1. Run straight ahead passing the starting line on the designated passing lane
2. Go up Buendia Fly-over
3. Run straight ahead passing CCP
4. U-Turn before Old Grand Boulevard Hotel
5. Run back towards Cuneta Astrodome

3K Route

3K: 5:40 Gun Start
Start: Cuneta Astrodome, Roxas Blvd.
1. Run straight ahead passing the starting line on the designated passing lane
2. Go up Buendia Fly-over
3. Run straight ahead
4. U-turn near Vicente Sotto (Vito Cruz) Street (by Trader’s Hotel)
5. Run back towards Cuneta Astrodome
Its good to be back to where we started, the basic running events. Running for a cause. Its always fun to finish a race dedicating to special people in our lives or our community.Happy Running!

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