Kick the Habit 2: The Journey to Healthy Lifestyle

Kick the Habit Blogger's Night photo by Sir Rene

I was once a smoker too. Occasional smoker due to peer pressure in college but I never got to a point I can finish a pack. I stopped, just stopped because I see the effects on my body, it dries my skin, difficulty in breathing especially I’m an active person ever since, and because Cris asked me to when he was courting me. He’s a non-smoker and never tried (kaya nahiya naman ako!)

Another thing that made me stop is the thought I almost lost my Papa when I was a kid back in 1990 because of smoking. He suffered from Tuberculosis aka TB because of his chain smoking since, I dont know, I was a baby perhaps (80’s). All I remembered was going home from school and my Mama told us our Papa vomited blood while at work. Good thing TB awareness was already implemented at that time and medications were made available to those who are infected.

Today, treating the diseases caused by smoking is not enough. Prevention is better than cure they always say. A healthy lifestyle should be practiced by everyone these days to overcome stress that make us dwell on bad habits and vices such as smoking, alcohol and over eating.

To date, I never had a puff (well, a couple more when I was working) ever since I stopped. This journey I started with Cris was one of the perfect choices I’ve made for my life and my future. Living a healthy and active lifestyle…nothing beats it!


 Stop smoking and start running!

 This has been the advocacy of the Kick the Habit fun run since it started in November 14, 2010 at the Newport City in Pasay wherein Department of Health’s Dr. Eric Tayag, celebrities Arnel Ignacio and Bearwin Meily led 1,200 anti- smoking advocates and running enthusiasts in the first-ever anti-smoking campaign thru running. –Kick the Habit Blogger’s Night

With the success in its first staging, Ronald de los Reyes is now joined by a bigger Core Group, and non-smoker celebrities like Cesar Montano, Jaymie Rivera and a lot more, who envisions this as a continuing program and advocacy for future generations. Now bigger, the Fun Run with distances of 1K, 3K, 5K and 10K aims to gather 2,000 to 5,000 participants (mostly students who are next in line to carry the campaign) who shall continually embrace “the Healthy and Active Lifestyle.”

Race Details

Date: February 26, 2012, 5:00 am
Venue: Philippines Sports Complex (ULTRA)
Distances: 1K, 3K, 5K, 10K
Registration Fee (all categories):
Students P150.00
Without Clinics P500.00
With Clinnics and Seminars P1,000

Interested parties can register at any Healthway Medical and Chris Sports clinics within Metro Manila or they can contact GWorld Inc. at 719-0184, 215-0512 or email:  and Visions in Action Enterprises, 740-7074 or email:

with Soyami Marketing Ms Anna, Vicky Ras, Coach Rene Villarta, Arleen Lindo of Chris Sports and Alvin Anson

with Billy Ray Bates, Basketball Player, Coach, Anti Smoking Activist


Aside from the campaign of Kicking the habit of Smoking this event aims to help and fund HOP-E Foundation — It is a foundation based in the Philippines whose mandate and goal is to overcome poverty thru the 4 elements – Education, Empowerment, Employment, and Events.

Hop-e now is giving free education for the children and parents in the mountains of Rizal and is also helping augment the livelihood of the people by giving them work through the Hop-E farm. Hop-e is also active in giving medical help and feeding program for various communities.

The goal of hop-e is to provide free education to children believing that education is the key to eradicate poverty in the Philippines. As of now, Hop-E Academy has 200 children being given with free education. Hop-e’s goal is to have 1000 children before 2013.


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