Race Review PDA: Pilipinas Darating Ako

race kit and post race loots

I was lucky enough to have a chance to get a complimentary kit from Without Limits (Thank You!) I got my kits (yes kits, because to my surprise I got 2, so lucky for Cris he didn’t have to go bandit in order to pace me, hehehe) at the event itself. Another surprise faced me when I saw my bib it says, 10K, but I only registered for 5K, nevertheless Im still thankful because its still a mileage to make up for my supposedly zero-week training, haist =(.

10K runners assemble photo by Francis Razon

Along with Doc Toto (RUN DmD), whom by the way, gave us a ride and helped us get in the area, (Thanks Doc!) we ran 10K. Cris and I agreed to have a 4:1 pace, 4 minutes running and 1 minute power walking, as part of the training for his BDM 102 and my TBR Marathon in March. Practice makes perfect, right? We positioned ourselves in front, as always, and off we go after the gunshot. We took it easy because its very early Cris felt something painful somewhere his Achilles. All I’m after is the mileage and a decent time for this 1st 10K of the year.

The Route

We started at the Pasay Sports Complex (formerly known as Cuneta Astrodome). Ran a 500 meter and took a U-turn back to starting line (a very rare instance) and went pass straight. We were running at a steady pace of (I think) 5:30 up until the Buendia-Roxas Blvrd (2Km Mark) Flyover. From the top we took a walk break and formally started the 4:1 pace. We were chatting and giggling while running (a PDA run indeed!) greeting every marshals good morning and fellow runners we overtook. Sometime we were laughing more when Enrico comes with us and reach our pace. After the flyover, goes the flat route all the way to Km 00, Rizal Park, where the U-turn for the 10K runners is situated. Ran the same route back. When we reached the 5K U-turn Marker, it started to slow us down a bit because we have to run zigzag to run pass students and maybe newbie and non-runners who participated in the event.


When you enter the events venue you will see a gigantic Pocari Sweat Balloon, you’ll know its the official hydration drink of the race. There’s a plenty amount of hydration stations 1st 2 stations were water then a pocari sweat station on third and another water station near the 10K loop. One station on both sides served really cold.

festive feel at the finishers' area


With the recent issues in race price hike, good thing there are still running events organized and required low registration fees, one example of these is this PDA run, Php 400.00 for all race categories (3K, 5K, 10K). Joining races should always a smart choice in our part. Good for me because I belong to the mid-pioneer batch, I’ve joined and seen the evolution of races’ qualities and prices as well. I’m no hypocrite, I also joined the high priced races but, c’mon money these days are really hard to find especially for non-working persons like me who enjoys activities like this. I only appreciate attending to such races and knowing it can still be done.

Its great to see friends and sharing our experiences of the event. Taking photos together. Seeing celebrities too are some highlights in joining these events. Celebrities running not just for a show-off but for inspiration to fellow runners, like the Biggest Loser contestants. This is a running event should feel, a light and festive reunion of running fanatics.

Compliments to Vicky Ras for some group pictures and Team USB for the in-action photos. Diadora for my Samurai III shoes and Aqua Cotton Shirt, available at all Royal Sporting House branches.

with the heartbreakers and team USB marshals

Parking: Poor (no proper designation, cars are parked 3 lanes in a street)
Hydration: Very Satisfactory (ample number of stations and amount)
Route: Very Satisfactory (flats and a couple of hills c/o the flyover)
Logistics and Marshals: Satisfactory, (lots of friendly and approachable marshals) Awarding: Fair (only the top 3 runners were awarded, how about the women???)
Post Race Loots: Satisfactory (Pocari in can, 3 Unique toothpaste in sachets, 6 sachets of 3’s Tang Juices and for the 1st 100 finishers a bag of toothpastes in a box, 3 variants)

Congratulations Without Limits and Philippine Dental Association for the successful event!


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