The Glimpse: Dream the Run, Run the Dream

Have you experienced seeing your dream in the flesh before it happens to you? I did!

I feel so fortunate to be able to witness not only the Super Moon but also The Bull Runner Dream Marathon in 2011. I can still feel the goosebumps and the butterfly in the stomach, and the endorphins in every runner participants’ systems eager to rush when they cross  the starting line in Nuvali. I felt the excitement of my Marathoner-to be friends at that time and I wanted that same feeling badly for myself too. From that time on I always pictured myself finishing my 1st Marathon at the The Bull Run Marathon in 2012, even if it means I would have to wait an entire one year. Honestly speaking, it was hard to patiently wait. I have been hyped and tempted to have it in advance so I could level up my running ‘career’ in terms of distance, so I could join and be able to run Ultra Marathons already, but I stick to my goal, to prepare and to train well and that I will have to wait till I get 30 before my 1st Marathon and the Ultra Marathon dream would have to wait as well. It will be a great milestone to kick off another running year as well for I will be celebrating my 2nd year in running (joining running events).

In the last year’s 2011 Dream Marathon I volunteered to be a photographer for Team CB who also were participants at the event; runners, pacers and chasers. I held on Marvin Pangan’s DSLR camera and tried to capture shots of the runners that will pass by our post at the parking slots, about 400 meters away from the loop of the 1st 21K and the Finishline, just after the bridge.

When most of the Team CB members were able to take the 1st 21K loops I planned to run with them until before the Finishline Chute to capture a back shot of them running to their finish. Yeah! I love and such a fan of dramatic effects where actions speaks louder through the photographs. Two of my favorite shots were Leo Manalaysay’s and the photo of the running couple Bilz and Daie Juaiting.

Strong finish by Leo Manalaysay

Run Together, Finish Together

Whenever I look at these photos, I get inspired. Especially now that my own dream; the much awaited, year-long dream, will finally come to a reality come March 18, 2012.

Why were they my favorites? Because when I finish, I hope to look the same. Since I will be running with my pacer and coach for life, Cris, I would like to be like Bilz and Daie who from the start til the end of the race were together. (well Cris got no choice actually! He’s got to be with me for the entire time. hahaha) I hope we finish it strong together, as we always do. To survive the challenges on the road together and be able to hold hands when times (especially for me) gets ‘rough’. And as an individual, like Leo, I may be able to raise my arms as high as I could as if I was the 1st person to cross the Finishline and be able to shout out loud I MADE IT! (and be able to have a jumpshot afterwards…LOL)

To all my fellow dreamers and batchmates, friends and family, see you at Nuvali, Sta. Rosa, Laguna on March 18!

Happy Running! Carpe Diem!


4 thoughts on “The Glimpse: Dream the Run, Run the Dream

  1. Goodluck, Bave! Run safe and strong. A first marathon will always be memorable and salute to you for sticking to the plan and waiting for the right time. It’s going to be a glorious experience, one that will stick with you forever. Go and make a wonderful memory, Bave! You’re gonna be a marathoner na! WOOOOHOOO! CHEERS! See you on race day! I’ll be cheering as hard as I can. HUGS!

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