Magnificent March Contest Alert

The month of March is a very special month for me. Aside from it is my birth month, most of my relevant milestones in running happened here.

My 1st Fun Running Event

My first  fun run event in 2010 at the Globe Run for Home happened in March 21 which marks my Runniversary that makes it 2 years to date. It was a really fun running experience despite the huffing and puffing along the Makati CBD road.

My 1st time to be up a stage for a 5K event

My first podium finish for 5K in 2011 at the Yakult 10Miler event in March 27. This is where I discovered the competitive side of me. I realized how important  the preparation and training for an event was. That when you put your head and heart to whatever you want to do you reap its rewards.

One of my greatest dreams was to see myself on National Television. I was able to achieve it last 2011 when I got a chance to share my passion for running to fellow mommies and followers of the show MOMents at NET 25. Aired in March 18 and frequently replayed up until now.

My 1st Marathon...Dream come true!

My first first Marathon at the recently concluded The Bull Runner Dream Marathon in March 18, 2012. Dreams do come true right before your very eyes. Achieving your goals takes a lot of hard work and sacrifices and you come out an improved and a better person afterwards. Dreams are best shared with your beloved ones.

Before this special month ends and as a celebration of my 2nd Running Anniversary I would like to share some of the blessings running has been given me for the past years. I will raffle off some premium items from Diadora. Thank you so much Diadora!

Share your most significant first. It may be an event, a place, food, photo, or anything that happened to you for the first time. And what makes it really special. (Post your story by commenting on this blog.)

I will randomly select winners of Diadora cap and singlets. I will personally pick the post with the most touching note. It doesn’t have to be long to impress me. Kindly limit the post to 10 sentences. The winning post will get a P1,000 worth of Gift Certificate from Diadora.

Deadline of entries will be on April 4 at 11PM. Announcement of winners will be on April 8 Easter Sunday.

Post and share it to your friends.

Happy Running.

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18 thoughts on “Magnificent March Contest Alert

  1. My First Blood Donation, which was 2 years ago, was my most significant first.
    I had several attempts to donate blood long before but there always seemed to be a problem, like anemia, flu, etc. But during that time, I passed all tests and was qualified for it. Though my intention was noble, I was so scared to see the large-bore needle to be used, I almost ran away. I finally did it though with flying colors.
    My latest blood donation was last week, and my first one to have a 14k(LMR) run 4days after. I almost faded out on my 2nd km but miraculously finished it on a 7.5min per km.

  2. I would say my most significant first(and hopefully my last) was when I was operated of Acute Appendicitis during college. I was in so much pain I thought I would die on our way to hospital which was still a two-hour ride away. And good thing that I was already partially sedated when the female interns undress and shaved me down there, or I would wish I were already dead by then due to shame. But what made it so special? I was a working student back then, thought I was all alone. But during that time, real friends emerged. They were the ones who stayed on shifts with me on my 5 hospital days, paid my bills, and nurtured me till recovery. It has been 20years already, but their kindness stay in my heart.


  4. I finished my first half-marathon last March 4 at Run United Leg 1. It was also where I got my first finisher’s medal. =) It wasn’t at all easy for me. I had bouts with side stitch, dysmenorrhea and my ankles hurt really bad at the last 6 or 7 kms that I couldn’t even walk anymore. When I reached the finish line I almost cried. It was also my first run with my teammates. If it weren’t for them I would have not finished. It’s only been five months since I started running, so achieving something I never thought I could do really means a lot to me.

  5. Ang buwan ng Marso ay naging mahalaga sa akin, ako bilang senior citizen 62 y/o ito yung unang pagkakataon na makasama ko yung anak ko na babae na tumakbo ,ito ay nangyari sa THE LAST MAM RUNNING, dahil sa edad ko na 62 hindi ko alam kung mauulit pa uli itong pambihirang pagkakataon na ito,kaya labis ang aking kaligayahan na nangyari ito.

  6. On June 15, 2011, the most significant event that happened in my life that I will always look back into with very happy and content heart, because that was the day that I gave birth to my son. The pain and exhaustion was really worth it the first time I saw his face and the first time I held him. It was surreal and unbelievable, because I thought I was not able to bear a child, but there he was, my very own 8.15lbs of love. Since that day, nothing had been the same, everyday is an adventure with him. Now that he is almost on his 10th month, I am getting geared up for all the running and climbing that my little boy is gonna throw at me.

    Motherhood, indeed its not easy, but definitely worth all the body aches and pain when I see how happy and healthy my little boy is.

  7. I was not really vocal when telling my parents that i love them, but it was a different day.

    I was high school back then, just got off of a Saturday make up class. I got an SMS from mom telling me that my dad needs to be rushed to be taken to the hospital. he recently had an operation due to gall bladder stones. the doctor advised him not to be very active coz the stitches may open. driving was prohibited.

    and i was the only one that can drive him to the hospital for a checkup.

    however, i got the text message an hour late. before i knew it, my inbox was flooded with about a dozen messages from mom. all i can say was sorry but i did not.

    i ran to the house instead, literally, i was running during short tricycle ride transfers. i gave my heart out when i run. i feel the responsibility and this is my time to shine.

    the last tricycle ride was the longest, i felt like i really need to reply to the SMS from mom.

    again, i did not say sorry, all i sent was a simple “andyan na ko, wait lang… i love you”

    i arrived home, started the car and when everyone was aboard, drove to the hospital. i wasn’t scolded, probably because they knew i gave every effort to be there when i need to.

  8. I first joined fun runs because of my best friend. She registered me in 10K without me knowing and she justified that I look fit to run that far. Yet, all of them registered in 5K and I was alone in that category. After crossing the finish line, I was hooked on it and started browsing in the net some pages about marathon schedules. I never thought that my girlfriend’s father was a marathoner and she also joins 5K and 3K runs. I met her friends through fun runs and we are now buddies in running and badminton. I get to socialize in facebook with new running friends. In addition, I am noticing far remarkable change in my fitness. Running indeed has plenty of benefits, getting closer to your special someone, her family and friends, improving yourself and your relationship to others and especially, making you believe that you can do something you believe you can’t do before. I thought, during my first 10k, I made the worst decision of my life, gasping and running for my breath, but I was wrong, it was indeed my most life-changing event that made me realize I can be someone someday.

  9. My first baby.

    Unforgettable, staring at her rosy cheeks as she subsided from crying to a soft contented breathing. Cradling her in my arms, wrapped in pink. Her mother’s eyes looking up, filled with happiness and pride. I felt like crying myself with this sudden realization of how precious life truly was.

    With a sigh, I put her into the baby bassinet, and look around the room. A symphony of newborn babies crying, women in labor screaming in pain, nurses rushing around, worn out and overworked interns including myself. Fifteen more mothers-to-be for us doctors to help deliver within an hour.

    Fabella hospital rotation. Argh.

  10. My memorable first was my first time to run. I ran just because our company’s one of the sponsors but then it was the start of my new life to aim for my old self since I have gained a lot after my 4th delivery and worked home-based. I am not a workout addict or a sports-minded person, even wondered how those runners felt with all the sweat all over their bodies. Now, I’m one of them.

  11. My memorable first is when we joined COUPLES FOR CHRIST bec this christian community changed my whole life,specialy how to become a good wife to my husband,and a mother to my twin daughter, and the most important is how to be come closer to GOD our father,

  12. My significant first happened during my college graduation. It is not really the event that made it significant but the fact that it was the first time that my father agreed to attend in my graduation. Ever since, he’s not really into this kind of event. At first it is really a question for us but now we understand. He supported our living and our education being a tricycle driver. Being a tricycle driver despite of his left disabled leg which he got from an accident. He cannot bend his knees and he’s also having a hard time taking stairs. He may not tell us but I know that in a way that’s the reason why he wont accompany us in such a memorable event. So I studied hard, I promised myself that one graduation will come that he will not be able to refuse the invitation. It did happened, my parents were mandated to be in my college graduation. It was really a different feeling having my father beside my when I reach the stage. With all the applause of the people in the event, there I was able to show him that he was able to raise me very well and no disability should make him feel inferior of others because he was such a great father. He was teary-eyed and very proud when I dedicated to him my achievement. That moment, I was overtaken by joy. =)

  13. I will not forget the first time that I joined fun run with my three daughters October last year. Now that they are all grown-ups we have limited time to bond because of their busy schedules. One time, one of my daughters joined a facebook contest and luckily have won free race kits which started our fun-run-bonding-moment once a month. During that event, I run as the Queen of the Road finishing 5km. We run as sisters and had a healthy bonding experience. As a mom, I am happy to see them grow and run. (*+*)

  14. Just three months ago, I suffered from depression due to some problems. It was a bit critical. That time I am very happy that despite the hard times my family do not gave up on me. Way back then, I am a cheerful person, a bubbly one and I never expected that this thing will happen to me. That moment was significant to me because I had really learned lot from it. I have known myself more, get closer to my family and deeply recognized the power of God. Now that I am fit and back into circulation, I engage into fun runs for a healthy lifestyle.

  15. I will always remember that day when I was informed that I had passed my collegiate scholarship exam. I am not that intelligent but I work hard to get good grades. That time, I desperately need it because two of us are in college and I might stop to give way to my elder sister. To work for my study is never an option due to health reasons. After five years of studying, I will now be graduating this May and I will always look back to the day that God answered one of my prayers. God is good all the time.

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