Lenten Season Fave Spot: Mt. Banahaw

I miss Mt. Banahaw…!

I cant think of better way to start this post. During this season we always look forward to traveling South bound not to check out the beaches to chill out but to climb the Philippines’ known “holy” mountain, Mt. Banahaw, in Dolores, Quezon.

Geographic Feature (wikipedia)
The andesitic Banahaw volcano complex is composed of several mountains with Mount Banahaw, the largest with a maximum elevation of 2,158 metres (7,080 ft) asl. The summit is topped by a 1.5 by 3.5 kilometres (0.93 × 2.2 mi) and 210 metres (690 ft) deep crater that is breached on the southern rim believed to have been caused by the 1730 eruption. Prior to 1730, a lakeoccupies the summit crater of Mount Banahaw. The resulting flood destroyed the town of Sariaya, Quezon located below the mountain.

Due to incessant climbing activity, and litterbugs who have no regard to the environment, the mountain trails have become littered with trash. In March 2004, the Department of Environment and Natural Resources ordered a 5-year suspension of hiking activity in the mountains, covering the Dolores and Sariaya trails. Reopening was delayed was then scheduled to March 2012, but was further extended to February 2015.

What do I miss about the place? This is the place I discovered I could recharge. Leave all my troubles without hesitations and leave as a better person. I could feel the cleansing by showering in its fresh, really cool mountain waters. That after every climb you can say you could do ANYTHING no matter how hard they are. That no matter how big life’s boulders you’re facing with, you can always pass through and over it. The perfect place to reflect on the past events in life and wish for great things for the future. This mountain is a metaphor of life, depending how you look at it. For me, beyond its beauty, there are challenges that make one improve and strong once he get through it.

We always believe, its God’s calling for us to be in the Mountain…For this year, we may have missed climbing it during this season…But He never let us forget how special that place in our hearts. And through this post, I may have impart to you my readers how special this place is and hope you could take time to travel and witness the beauty of Mt. Banahaw.

its always a family affair...Circa 2009...our very 1st visit together...

we pitch tents...hang hammocks...cook and eat fresh veggies...life's simplicity at its best

we go through a narrow, dark hole in life but we'll get through it no matter what because of our inspiration; our family, our kids, our friends that serves as light

the water that cleanses, refreshes and heals
Kweba ng Eden, the very 1st spot we check in every visit for "cleansing" and asking for guidance for the entire stay

Life has no easy way out...Always have "surprises"...but you'll get used to it for sure

perfect time to explore and admire Nature's natural beauty
falls at Santos Colegios

problems may peak and make us carry heavy burdens...yet it teaches us to find ways look for solutions to lighten up the baggage

We may face huge boulders in life, get over it and win it. Your kids will imitate how you face them and apply it to their life in the future

Importance of Independence. Let your child explore, get dirty, be resourceful, be creative to deal with his problems which seems simple to us. Guide them through kind words and encouragement.

Grab every opportunity you're being helped...You'll never know when you get another chance...
trail to Tres Picos


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