Taking it to New Heights: Unilab Tri United Relay Leg 1

Anyone from the athletic community has their dreams. From finishing a 3K, a Marathon (42K) or even an Ultra Marathon (50K and beyond), it is a dream fulfilled once you get to finish it. More so if you compete in to 3 disciplined sports called TRIATHLON.

Cris got invited by a friend to do the Swimming category for the Triathlon Relay for Unilab’s Tri United. Having a competitive spirit, we prepared for this for almost a month. Even I got some tutorials on proper swimming and maximized the opportunity to learn about long distance swimming strategies even if I will not join the triathlon yet. For this we thank Boy Ramos for his generous time, effort and patience teaching us couple as well as our son Quillan, also for making sure Cris is on a tiptop shape before this big day comes.


Cris was registered along with other 2 friends, Eric and Blas, for the event. I will be part of the support crew, original plan is to go back to Manila after the event because prior to this I have an event at Run to Raise to represent Diadora Running Team, but it will be a very difficult trip because the relay competition will take place in the afternoon. So I decided to give way and instead talked to a friend to form another relay Team for the same event. I cannot compete yet for the other disciplines so I drafted myself for what I do best which is Running.

2 Man Relay @ Unilab Tri United

We agreed to have a convoy going to Batangas. We arrived at the Racing Venue 4 hours before gunstart. Did the preliminaries, registration check in, then we had lunch while waiting for the briefing.

Real Time Arrival

Great View of the Resort Playa Laiya
Official Venue of the Unilab Tri United

Briefing of the Route, Transitions, Rules and Regulations
Tri United Relay, Women Open, Elite categories

with Team CB friends and family

Quillan: I can dream right?!

Along with the other 12 highly competitive Relay Teams we paved our way to experience this new adventure. With no pressure at all, Doc Art took his time at the swimming leg. We  came last to go out of the water but he made up (I’m sure!) bigtime at the Bike leg. While waiting for him at the transition area Im praying and stretching at the same time to prepare my body for the 7K run. My only goal is not to come last of the running pack and finish atleast with a sub-45 minute run.

The weather was good, windy though which can affect the all the aspects of the race. For the swimmers which can give them waves and for the bikers some drag. Clear blue skies welcomed the participants and guests. The gun was shot exactly 2:30 in the afternoon. Men and women dived into the beach as they race for their first triathlon and some for their new personal records. A lot of women, especially doing it Full/Solo, are really strong! Many of them “chicked” some male contenders especially on the 1st loop. After swimming 2 loops, for a total of 1 kilometer, they will run/walk a couple or 3 hundred meters going to their Bike transition, and pedal their way to 30K. After that, triathletes will continue running 7K on the other side of the road making 2 loops before heading to the finishline.


The route was quite easy. Running a hundred meter uphill from the starting line gave me a really high heart rate aside from the excitement to see my race partner finish his swim and bike legs really strong. I had this feeling I need to give my fair contribution for the race. Along the way there were locals who cheered, gave high fives and flashed great smiles  while shouting “Go Ate! kaya mo yan!” (You can do it sis!) Im really careful while running and looking once in a while at the back to see what’s coming, like fast running buses and cars. Got really terrified about the other team’s bike incident, which the biker got sideswiped by a car and hit the side mirror and almost fell shoot in the drainage. Anything can happen in a race especially in events held in the highways. I opt to run on the side trails, I didn’t mind if it’s not paved as long as I’m safe from being hit. Saw some familiar faces at the U-turns and greeted and cheered them as they run their way towards the finish line. It felt so overwhelming I was running with the best triathletes there is in the community. The sun was bright as it sets which adds to the heat my body was feeling at that time. Good thing at the hydration station there’s this guy who poured a pitcher full of iced cold water. Got one on the my first 1K as my heart rate peaks and made my body felt like overheating just like an old car, (hehehe) and another one at my last 500 meters towards finishline. I was running my last hundred meters with my feet all soaked but I didn’t mind because that water poured to me was just enough to make sure I’m still running strong to raise that tape at the finish line. Photo opts with my boys and friends and a bottle of cold Pocari Sweat welcomed me as I reached the finish line.

The awarding of the top 3 Elite, Relay Teams and Age categories for Women Open came in next as soon as the the last runner arrived while everyone enjoyed their post race meals at the beach front.

at the Starting Line 

*Enrico on Bike and Titanium Runner for Running

My partner for the Bike Leg

Off for a 7K run
wearing Diadora Samurai III and 2nd generation Diadora Dri Fit singlet

Overall it was a great experience. Learned so much from friends who are really into it and we appreciate all the inputs and learnings they imparted to us.


Thank you Titanium Runner, Enrico Caramay, Doc Art Virata, the Dizon sisters Yan and  Rona, Boy Ramos, Rodel Montejo, Leo Tugade, to our Hunyango family and Team CB family, Ms Claire and Ms Janis of Unilab Active Health, Bike King, Sports Unlimited, Playa Laiya Resorts, Taramindu Beach Resort, Aquatico Resort

Race Results click HERE



3 thoughts on “Taking it to New Heights: Unilab Tri United Relay Leg 1

  1. Congrats sa inyo! lupet! Im seeing one day you guys competing individually! Go lang ng go neng.. keep on inspiring us 🙂

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