Meet the Trail Legends: Iker Karrera and Edu Martinell

Last April 18, I was privileged to be invited to the Meet and Greet the Trail Legend, Salomon International Athletes, Iker Karrera and Edu Martinell at ROX, Bonifacio Highstreet.

Discussion about the History of Trail Running and how Salomon Trail shoes evolved was shown in a slide show related by Edu Martinell. They also presented the new  Salomon apparels and gears soon to be available in the country. Part of the presentation was the introduction of their new Salomon XR Mission. They also imparted how excited they were in joining the The North Face Trail run Philippines in Bagiuo the weekend after this launch.

“Salomon, the innovative outdoor brand, Introduces XR Mission, all terrain trail running shoes with specific men’s and women’s designs and constructions. XR Mission is for runners who train regularly and vary their workouts.

Light, flexible, unbelievably comfortable, the XR Mission  is the newest member of Salomon’s award-winning XR family  of door  to trail running shoes. “The XR Mission is a trail running shoe for people who want to take their training seriously and want lightweight and flexibility,” explains Jeff Dill, Salomon’s Product Line Manager for Trail Running Footwear.

The XR Mission is not simply a slimmed-down version of the very  popular (but  higher mileage) XR Crossmax. New from the ground up, XR Mission is light and  responsive with a women’s specific version. The heart of the shoe is the OS muscle and tendon, Salomon’s patented cushioning midsole and energy returning tendon system. It cushions shocks while improving heel to toe transition, making the shoe simply easier to run in.  With a Contagrip™ outsole, XR Mission naturally adapts to variances in terrain, aproviding great grip and rebound on any surface.

XR Mission  has  a host of comfort features that specifically address the most critical issues runners typically contend with. Sensiflex™  is a soft mesh  fabric,  coated with flexible  TPU and  placed on the metatarsal area of the foot. This provides great foot support in the forefoot, but  reduces bunions that occur in about 30% of runners. Add internal Sensifit and Quicklace, and the Mission  adapts comfortably to almost any foot.

XR is also specifically tailored to the morphology and motion of men and women, respectively. XR Mission Women is the first shoe built with Women’s Specific Ride. In addition to  a specific last shape, asymmetrical fit that wraps medially to support a higher arch  and  taller instep, common among women, and  thicker foam  around the heel,  XR Mission Women  has  more  and  deeper flex grooves to accommodate a lighter average weight and  more  rigid foot, also common in women. “Developing the XR Mission was very much two different projects,” explains Dill. “Although they look similar, it was critical throughout the process to define specific fit and performance characteristics for each gender. We have given women a shoe that is designed for them in every way.” – PRESS RELEASE


After talking about the Salomon products, the athletes together with Salomon – Pilipinas Ambassador Miguel Lopez were asked to give some tips on Trail Running.

Iker Karrera answered in Spanish which was translated by Edu Martinell, he humbly shared his 5 top tips on Trail running:

  1. Love Nature and the outdoors. This is common sense. To be able to enjoy what you are doing, enjoy where you are doing it.
  2. Get Advice from the Experts.  Iker modestly answered. Even if he’s one of the best in this field of sport he still seeks advice from mentors and experts. He continuously research for proper ways how to improve his performance.
  3. Start Short. Everything has to progress gradually. Never jump to long distance trail running right away. Start at short distance then gradually add distance as you enjoy the sport.
  4. Enjoy what you are doing. *nuff said
  5. Motivate yourself. Self Improvement comes from within. To be competitive or plain adventurer is up to us.

Ige Lopez top 5 tips is more on the training in preparation for trail run. Very much helpful especially for the newbies who want to try this adventure sport.

  1. Cross Train in the Gym especially when Trail is not available at your doorstep.
  2. Toughen your ankles to prevent injuries. Do  strengthening workouts.
  3. Embrace Nature. In order to enjoy the sport more than the experience.
  4. Do Lunges and squats. The hamstrings and the quads are the most used parts in trail running more than the legs especially doing the uphills that is why it is important to strengthen them during training.
  5. Strengthen the core and back. equally important with the legs.

Upclose and Personal

After the talk, participants were entertained to photo opts and autograph signing and treated to a brunch.

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