Merrell Adventure Run: Recon and Race Details

Got invited to do a route test run for the Merrell Adventure Race at Timberland. Its my first time to visit the place though I always hear this place from my running friends (especially the “addict” ones).

Timberland is a developing land for residential subdivisions, recreational facilities and is known for its hills that makes it Ultra Runners’ Haven for hill training.  A breath-taking view of the Metropolis, fresh and cool breeze welcomes you as you  climb the slopes of C6 Road going towards the famous ShotGun and Timberland properties.

Afternoon before the test run, Cris, our son Quillan and I rode a motorbike and paid an ocular visit of the place so Cris will have an idea where he will drop me the following morning. We witnessed how steep the slopes were indeed. The motorbike was crying (hahaha!). Got excited to feel how hamstring-burning could it be…soon-to-be-project-run.

Sunset from Timberland

daddy and son

Test Run Day

If there’s something I always wanted to do, it is trail running. Before I started joining races, I used to join mountaineer friends doing climbs whenever I’m available. Sometimes, when schedule permits during the Holy week we get a chance to visit Mt. Banahaw, and walk its trails. I enjoyed walking the rough pavements. Good thing Im not the type who easily trips, and my feet have a good grip no matter how slippery and footwear I have.

My 1st experience of running the Trails was last June 18, 2011 at the Front Runners The Valley Trail Challenge in NUVALI. That was a painful yet fun-filled run with Cris and friends. A 28K event that will always be special in my heart and I always look forward to repeat.

Last May 11, Merrell Philippines invited some running enthusiasts and bloggers/photographers to have a first taste of what’s in store for runners come June 2. We started off with a briefing from the Race Director Thumbie Remigio, introduction of tour guides and identifying of who wish to run 5k and 10K for the day.

I joined the 10K despite of no training, simply because friends are there and its more fun to run-walk the trails with friends to chat and get lost with. Yes, we got lost, Allan (runningfreemanila), coach Rene (jazzrunner) and I missed where our guides turned. Good thing its almost the same route only that we hit the opposite side and we met somewhere along the common path still part of the race course. From there we moved together, hit more hills, rocks and tall weeds.

my running buddy for the day, Allan Enriquez aka Running Free Manila

I discovered that Diadora Mythos Samurai III runs good on trails…thumbs UP!!!

‘you crying Allan? getting Lost, more fun in the Philippines, yeh?

part of the 1st quarter of the 10K trail

and now we’re three…who were lost…well not really…we just explored the other side of the trails…heheh

Just one of the surprises that await participants in all categories

last quarter part of the route…

The photos above are my personal shots from my water proof camera I brought in anticipation for the rain just in case it came while we do the recon. The shots below are grabbed photos from our in house photographer Jojo Pauly and blogger Running Free Manila.

One of the most, if not the best views of the trail grassland

Trail Adventure isn’t complete without crossing bodies of water like rivers and streams

We’re tempted to swim…but no thanks… BUT IT IS A MUST on RACE DAY!

What goes up must go down…=)

A worth finishing race! I Swear!

Race Information

Date: June 2, 2012 (Saturday)
Venue: Timberland Heights, San Mateo, Rizal
Race Distances: 5K, 10K, 21K

Race kits distribution schedule May 17 – 31 at the Concept Shops where you registered. A text notification message will be sent to runners prior to their pick-up for actual schedule.
Assembly Time for all categories: 5:45AM

21km – 6:00am
10km – 6:10am
5km – 6:20am


Water and First Aid Stations

Hydration stations will be provided at the finish line and along the race route. Medical aid will be available at certain points along the way and at the finish line.

Parking Area

All participants and spectators are required to park their vehicles at the designated parking area.

Baggage Area

All participants are entitled to avail of the baggage deposit area from 4AM to 9AM.

Electronic Timing Chip

Official time will be based on the disposable timing chip provided in the race kit. The chip must be secured by all participants to their shoes prior to the race. No chip, no time. Without the timing chip, participants are not entitled to win any of the top prizes.

Inclement Weather

1 In the event of heavy rain, lightning, haze, fog and other inclement weather or adverse weather condition, the event may be delayed or cancelled.

2 Should bad weather persist beyond 7:00AM or the condition deemed unsuitable, the event will be cancelled.

3 If rain occurs after the race has started, you may continue unless otherwise advised by the designated race official or marshal.

– FINISHER’S MEDALS will be given after the race to the Top 50 finishers of 5km & Top 50 finishers of 10km who finish the course before the cut-off time.
All runners of 21km will receive a medal upon finishing the race.

– CERTIFICATES will be sent through email within two weeks after the race date to those who finish the course in their specific categories

Suggested Equipment

Trail running shoes, Hydration pack/Bottle belt, Cap, Gloves, Running gaiters, arm and leg protectors and Energy bar or gel, especially for the 21K runners

Rules and Regulations

1 All participants below 18 years old must have their registration forms signed by either a parent or a guardian

2 Race bib numbers and electronic timing chips must be worn at all times during the race.  Bib numbers should be pinned to your singlet (one with detachable tabs in front, the other one at the back), while timing chips must be attached to your shoes.

3 All protests related to the results must be made in writing and submitted to the Race Director within 30 minutes after the official announcement of winners.

4 The organizer’s decision is final.


Timberland Heights (How to get there)

From Quezon Memorial Circle, go northeast via Commonwealth Avenue, past Ever Commonwealth Center.  Turn right before Sandigan Bayan to Batasan Road, then turn right again to Batasan – San Mateo Road.  Cross the bridge over Marikina River, then turn left to Gen Luna Avenue.  After passing Tropical Hut and Mercury Drug, turn right to De Los Santos Street.  When the road begins to slope, turn left to the highway going to Timberland Heights.

Shuttle service

  Pick up at BGC 4:15AM, P300 round trip, first come-first served basis (payment to be settled only at Merrell Concept Shops)


6 thoughts on “Merrell Adventure Run: Recon and Race Details

  1. To be lost with you guys is one of the highlights of this trail run. haha! See you on race day, chika pace? 🙂

  2. haha… may naligaw pala. Di ko nabasa yun sa blogpost ni Sir Rene at Allan, walang gustong umamin, hehehe.
    Diadora Mythos Samurai 3 is really great on Trails. Haven’t realized that until I ran with it during the Salomon XTrail…

    • hahaha…i was the navigator kse…they were just victims…bwahahah… i will post a blog about it after the race…didn’t perform to its max…lets see come June 2…=)

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