3rd TreK the TEC

If there’s one adventure race I would like to join, Vertical running is one of them. Ever since it started 2 years ago I always kept an eye on this. Unfortunately budget and time always gets in the way.

This year, on their 3rd season, DIADORA was part of its supporters and we got a chance to take part on this rare occasion where runners’ ability are really tested. Its a short course event BUT demands high endurance both physically and mentally – The Trek the TEC Vertical Run. TEC is an abbreviation for The Enterprise Center, a twin tower building found at the Central Business District of Makati, along Ayala Avenue corner Paseo de Roxas.

I’ve never seen so much stairs in my life until this morning

Excited as always, Cris and I drove our way to Makati 6am in the morning of Sunday, June 24. Prepared and assembled at the drop off lobby of TEC, runners were divided into waves. The Relay participants were sent off first, followed by the Open category with blue laces on their proximity cards, which by the way serves as the timing chip that will be swiped at the finishline. Then our group with green laces ran next, so on and so forth.

We agreed to go with our own of paces, besides there’s no chance of making it to the placer’s. (Most of my “idols” were present! LOL). I just enjoyed how to deal with the different stair flights and captured my moments during my walk breaks. Watch the short documentary I made during my Trek at the TEC.


I was invited by my Diadora Manager for this event. Race details were not really announced as often as the other race events happening on the same date. Good thing at the actual event a decent number of runners (I think better number than the last seasons) supported. For a registration fee of P595.00 you get a bib and dri-fit shirt and a chance to run The Enterprise Center’s fire exit staircases of not just one but 2 towers.

Started at the drop off lobby of TEC. Conquered the staircases of Tower 1 up to the 39th floor, goes down the other fire exit stairs going to the 3rd floor (same building). Crossed the lobby access towards the Tower 2. Climbed up the stairways again until the 30th floor which is the roofdeck also known as the Skygarden. If my computation serves me right its 102 floors all in all. A must try route if you’re bored or wanna try new challenges (of course during Trek the TEC event only, but you can try it also on your office building perhaps). Totally different from regular road races incomparable even to routes with uphills.

Water were served every 10th or 12th floor. Strategically positioned but wasn’t able to prevent spillage that caused some steps to be slippery. Some trekkers carried on their cups while going up. Good thing marshals were present few steps from the stations to pull out and clean up the mess.

Marshals and Medics were present in almost all floors especially on critical areas. I heard many runners stopped just before “traversing” Tower 2. Others marshals were cheering and boosting the morale and capturing photos and videos of the participants.

Post race loots were iced cold Pocari Sweat right after crossing the finishline. Some freshly harvested veggies, choose one among Pechay, Okra, and Dried Loofah were distributed too. Breakfast (banana, egg, 2 pcs pandesal with cheese) in brown bags  and Starbucks coffee were also served. At the awarding program the host gave out some freebies at the “bring me” game like bags and shirts from Halo2 Mall, one of the participating sponsors.

Over all it was fun. A highly recommended event for all adventure lovers and only if you prepare well.  Not suitable for claustrophobic persons and those who has difficulty breathing in an enclosed environment. Not all floors have vents especially the first 10 floors . You literally gasping for air and if you’re one of those who are part of the mid-pack runners, be prepared to breathe breaths and body odors of those in front of you in the first few minutes.

Congratulations to E-ventologist Co. and Trek the TEC Organizers for putting up another successful Vertical Run event on your 3rd season! Congratulations to all the winners whom (until now) I cannot comprehend how they were able to insanely leap a maximum of 5 steps at a time (according to them) and even break the previous record. Amazing!

T’was a hard yet fulfilling running event.

Thank you Diadora! The Samurai III works well on slippery pavements. And because its lightweight, it didn’t give me a hard time to drag my legs and feet upward.

with Diadora Marketing Manager and Diadora Philippines Brand Manager


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