Kaya Natin ‘toh Pilipinas: Takbo Para sa Kaunlaran

I’m baaack! 🙂
After more than a year of not telling stories of my recent past running experience, I’m just happy to be writing again. Taking baby steps, so to speak.
To start with lets see this very interesting upcoming fun running event from Without Limits and Jelma Phil. Inc; “Kaya Natin ‘toh Pilipinas: Takbo Para sa Kaunlaran”. This is a Fun-Run for a Cause by White Flower Embrocation.
Who doesn’t know White Flower? It has been in any household for years passing different generations since 1929. White Flower re-brands itself as a sports liniment providing comfort and quick ease of pain better than any other product in the market. To begin, WF will be challenging participants with a – 21K Race and side events 3K, 5K and a 10K.
This is NOT your Ordinary 21K. Its time to switch on the competitive side of you as a runner. Read more and learn more how.

Race Mechanics for 21K Race

1. The 21K is not the usual 21K race. There are special awards awaiting for the individual . Individual participants can get a chance to win not just the over-all awards but also:

  • 2KM Challenge – be the first to reach 2KM
  • 5KM Challenge – be the first to reach 5KM
  • 10KM Challenge – be the first to reach 10KM
  • 16KM Challenge – be the first to reach 16KM
  • King of the Hill – be the first to climb up Kalayaan Fly-over

All participants must complete the 21K Race in order to be entitled for the special awards

Special Race Winners for 21K are:

a. King and Queen of the Hill
b. Sprint King and Queen
c. 5K King and Queen
d. 10K King and Queen
e. 16K King and Queen

2. There will be special signage once you approach the 21K Special Race Marks and there will be a marshal waiting to hand over the special mark medal for the participant who claims it first.
3. Once the special mark medal is handed over to the participant who reaches the mark other participants cannot claim it anymore.
4. 21k Participants can only get one Special Award
5. 21K Participants who won the special awards must complete the whole race to claim their prize, they must turn over the medal at the finish line with the finish line judges and have their names recorded at the winners booth.
6. Participants will win special prizes from their specially marked awards
7. In case of disputes participants must prepare a written report against other participants and must be signed by the race director. There will be a corresponding dispute fee of 500 Php.


21K – 4:00 AM
10K – 5:00 AM
5K– 5:30 AM
3K – 5:40 AM

  • map(21k) map(3k) map(5k) map(10k)

Registration is until Aug 15, 2014


  • Online Registration: Dragon Pay Online
  • In Store Registration (Manual Process) at the following Chris Sports outlets:
    • SM MOA
    • SM North Annex
    • Market
    • SM Megamall
    • Glorietta 3

Registration Fee:

  • 21K – 1000 Php
  • 10K – 700 Php
  • 5K – 500 Php
  • 3K – 400 Php

Participants upon their registration will receive:

Screen Shot 2014-05-23 at 10.44.46 AM

  • WF Singlet
  • WF Race Kit
  • WF Map
  • Calchews Chewables 2 small box of 15’s

Finishers Shirt will be given to 21K Finishers


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