I’ve been enjoying this blogging forgetting to jot down some of my running goals…So there, here they are…in no particular order…some of the goals been achieved already and some are yet to be train hard for and hopefully achieved in no time…*wink

  • Be able to join Fun Running eventsMarch 21, 2010 Globe Run for Home
  • To buddy run with hubby coz he’s way more faster than meRobinson Fit’n Fun Buddy Run, I was a pain to his butt, and legs literally, for always stopping and losing his momentum, but I really tried my best to push it at that time, Bie…hehehe
  • To run in a Milo Marathon eventJuly 4, 2010, 34th Milo Marathon, 5K
  • To have a nice (true) running shoes needed for my feet, no particular Brand. Running shoes with STABILITY feature as prescribed by the gait analysis – acquired a pair of  Nike Zoom Structure Triax +13 for Women size 10 last December 26 as a present from hubby for Christmas. been running with it since then. I named her EPONA, after the Goddess of Dream. Dreaming with her is a fantastic experience
  • To run a 10KAugust 1, 2010, Rexona Run
  • Sub 30 5K – January 30,Newport Pasay, at the Adination of Runners Runfest, representing aNr Ortigas Tiendesitas, created my new PR for 5K at 28 minutes, 45 seconds

Yakult 16 Miler Race 5K, March –  ranked 2nd Women’s Division

Brooks Happy Run 5K – 3rd Women’s category https://kainlaboytakbo.wordpress.com/2011/05/27/brooks-still-a-happy-run-do-you-believe-in-miracles/

Front Runners Thrill Run 10K- ranked 3rd Women’s Division

2nd Bald Runner Barefoot Run 5K Champion https://kainlaboytakbo.wordpress.com/2011/09/15/when-fantasies-become-reality/

  • Sub 60 10K – QC Dental Run in April 10 2011. It was like a hamster like event for we ran around the loops of the Circumference Road of the QC CIRCLE. A 4K race upgraded 10K long run turned out to be a competitive one with the hope that I can bag the 1st place in women’s division. Unfortunately only the top 3 over all was awarded. Nevertheless, this event broke all my 10K records and up to this day haven’t been repeated.
  • Run 15K before 2010 endsNovember 27 Karunungan Run 15K (16K according to Garmin of other runners)
  • Be able to run a Half Marathon by 2011  – Condura Skyway Marathon, Goldilocks Run, AKTV Run
  • To have a running nyort nyortsAchieved through hubby’s winning GC  from the Takbo.ph Runfest
  • To have a very nice Timing WatchAchieved through a very good hearted Dr. Abe Lim, raffling out some watches at the Takbo.ph Forum, and its no ordinary timing watch, it a TIMEX IRONMAN  TRIATHLON with a HEART RATE MONITOR, cool yeah!
2012 Goals
  • To be able to Finish a Marathon at 30 -DONE! a week after my 30th Birthday, I ran my 1st Marathon 
  • To be able to join THE DREAM MARATHON of Bull Runner = CHECK! March 18, 2012
  • To be able to join a running event abroad
  • To run an UltraMarathon – DONE! Mayon 360 80K around the World’s Most Perfect Coned Volacano 80K, April 21, 2012
  • To join a Multisport event like Aquathlon, Duathlon, Triathlon
  • To run at Bataan Death March
  • To Run at nay events in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao

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